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Any Celiacs On Lipotrim?


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Hey, I know it's rather different but I have IBS - can be pretty severe at times and did the TFR. It was brilliant, it took all my symptoms away, I wouldn't even know I'd ever had it. It was fantastic. However, now I'm re-feeding I'm paying the price for it xx


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Hi Princess, yep, IBS & celiac disease are very different health damage wise, although majority of the people with celiacia are initially misdiagnosed as having IBS (I had symptoms for at least 12 years, severe for at least 5 years before the diagnosis). However, the symptoms are very similar so I can completely appreciate how debilitating IBS makes you feel.

What are you eating, if you don't mind me asking? Considering that you were fine during TFR I assume your IBS is not stress related, so perhaps there are some specific foods that are causing you these issues. Are you having any sugar? That seemed to have been a huge issue for me (naturally on top of gluten).

Also, just wondering, have you ever had a test for celiac disease? If not, ask you GP - it's initially just a blood test (but you have to be eating wheat/gluten for a while to be able to have the test - otherwise it shows false negative). It's always worth ruling things out.....

The reason why I've asked whether anyone with celiac disease was on this diet is because Lipotrim says that the food packs are gluten free, which I find quite odd, as all of them contain maltodextrin (in Europe it is predominantly derived from wheat), and flapjacks have oats that a large proportion of people with celiacia can't tolerate. I've also had my stomach bloated (I don't normally get it since gluten free diet) all the time, which either means I'm 'glutened' or it's caused by milk (I haven't drunk milk for over 10 years). I don't feel tired, like I constantly did before I went on gluten free diet, so am slightly confused why I have some symptoms but not others......and was wondering whether anyone with the same condition experienced anything similar....

Ok, Princess :) I hope you manage to find what's causing your IBS symptoms and that you can enjoy your new slim body without constant pain and lethargy.

Take care xoxo


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S: 12st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 0st6lb(3.53%)
I only really notice it after I've eaten salad!! Coffee I know can be a trigger but I had tonnes of this on tfr and never had any come back from it so that's ruled out. I've been having milk in my coffee since refeeding but I always had milk in my coffee before and this never caused any problems.
I did have a blood test at my IBS diagnosis but I must check what it was for cause I don't have a clue.
Stress doesn't really have any adverse effects on me but if I'm nervous or anxious it does big time. I'm not so sure about all the technicalities of gluten contents, I've never looked into it that much so I can't help you there I'm afraid, although Ive been looking at going gluten free myself since stopping tfr. Starting to replace a lot of milk with soya but I dunno if i'll stick to it or not. So my initial thoughts are that salad is the culprit, strange as that seems. Have you tried getting in contact with Lipotrim directly? They seem to have a very well informed team so maybe they'll be able to give you some pointers?
Good luck with it all, I hope you have great success without too many adverse effects xx

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