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Any Guys doing this...

Hey :) yea there is plenty of us here!
i'm on day 5 and its been ok so far.. I didn't know that there was a LT programme with just 2 shakes?! are you having a meal aswell?
haha would you believe I used to sell LT to ppl! saying that I have slept since then :)
yeah the guys one is only 2 shakes a day ! a bummer but its all in the mind i say! drinking loads of water around 4lts normlay drink 2 anyways.. only issue is havign to pee every 30 mins or so lol


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Preet is wondering about men doing LT are you? There are definitely a few guys on the site BestBoy is doing really well with it I think you'll find some of his posts on the 100%TFR threads. If you can keep going through the first bit you'll loose any amount you want to
yep i mean men :)
on day 3 now, was feeling fine this morning after my shake but starting to feel a little lite headed at times, gonna stick to it, could kill a nandos whole chicken at the moment lol lol


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Have you tried splitting your packs in half and mixing up 4 during the course of the day instead of the two, I used to do that sometimes and I was on 3 packs x x
haha! i'm so blonde at times!
omgosh i'm exactly the same my work place is surrounded by food places and people eating at their desks..it all smells so good when i walk past.. you just have to be strong and keep telling yourself you're not going to throw away the days of hard work you've done so far!!
I got a little light headed sometimes but we're still in the first week and alot of people get this.. it should stop when you hit katosis :)
sounds like a good idea :) might give it a go will see how i get on over the next few days, at the moment having a shake at 10am and then again at 8pm, lots of water, about 4Ltrs a day, mouth has been feeling very dry since yesterday which im going on is ketosis thingy.
i started this on tuesday, got the first weigh in on Sat so looking forward to that :) fingers crossed i can do this, need to lose around 2st me thinks, most of my weight is the belly lol lol
I've got my first weigh in on saturday also so you'll have to let us all know how you get on :) good luck and keep going!!


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I also dilute my shakes too as I cant stomach them at the reccommended amount.......Its nice to see more guys coming on this fab site.......2 stone ...wow you will have that off in no time.....men do so much better and lose weight faster than women.......its not fair !!!! LOL

Do keep us posted on your progress.....when is your first weigh in....cant wait to see how you have done x

There's a few of us guys on her, I'm just coming to the end of week 2, my 2nd weigh in is tomorrow. I think the 2 shakes a day thing sucks, I've toyed with splitting them but not bothered yet. Week 2 has definitely been easier than week 1 so stick with it.

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