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Any ideas of meals for prep week??

Hiya folks,

I fell off the wagon about 3 months ago and have gained A LOT!! I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to tell you how much I've gained and it would really make me feel like C**P changing my ticker etc so I'm not going to. I'd rather try to lose my 'gain' and not have to change my previous weight loss list, I feel it's better for me and my 'mood' right now.

I'd be most greatful for any meal ideas for a prep week. Eg..what would you have for breakfast?
Any ideas would be most appreciated, the more ideas the better!!!!

Anyway, I decided to scout about minimins tonight for the first time in months, and I'm glad I did as I've found some posts really encouraging.

I've seen how brilliantly some of my old friends have done on their CD journey and I want to say a big WELL DONE to Porgeous, Jodiejojo & Saffron, WOW, HOW FANTASTIC YOU ALL LOOK. (sorry if I missed out any of my old buddies, I just havent seen any of your posts) As much as it does my head in that I know if I hadn't have fallen off the wagon I too could be 'up there' with you, I am sooooo bladdy made up for all of you for doing so well. You all look HOT HOT HOT, fanbladdy tastic. After seeing all your pics you have given me a boost and I am planning on doing a 'prep week' before doing SS, hopefully the journey to Ketosis will be easier that way.

So, enough of my babble wabble, well done to all of you.

Please send me some ideas for my prep week.

thanks, best wishes,
xx sj xx
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Forgot to say...Saff (Tara, sorry, I always call you Saff)

You looked gorgeous on your Wedding Day, I'm sorry I didn't wish you luck before hand, not that you needed it, You look soooooo happy and not to mention beautiful. I'd love to hear how your day went. I took a peek at your pictures, your dress is gorgeous. Well done you, congrats hun.

Congratulations on your weight loss too hun, you look marvelous.

big kiss xx sj xx
Hello Sophia-Jo. You may not remember me as i'm not a regular poster but i do remember your posts when you posted last year. Please don't feel bad abotu any regain. I lost and quickly regained about 45 lbs last year as I went from perfectly sole sourcing to beating like a pig. I'm back on the wagon now and have lost 17 lbs the past fortnight so you can definitely get back to where you were! I just know now that I really do need to follow the maintenance and some kind of plan for a long time to come!

I wish you all the best on your journey and will look forward to your posts again. As for meal ideas, I would have:

Eggs, rashers, mushroom, sausages, fruit salad, smoothies.

Lunch/dinner: Any meats/fish with veg/salad.

If you google 'atkins recipes', you should be able to find plenty of meal ideas.
Hey SJ - so good to see a post from you.

I remember how badly you suffered with getting into ketosis last time so a prep week is an excellent idea.

Fit and trims meal suggestions are spot on. Bacon and eggs or fruit salad for brekkie and plain meat with salad or green veg for lunch and dinner.

I wish you all the best with your restart. Dont beat yourself up about your gain. I had a gain as well after coming off CD but Ive shifted most of it in a week of being back on the SS wagon.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi SJ....dont feel bad about your gain it will come off as you know.

A prep week is an excellent way to start, just keep all the carbs to a minimum and start to increase your water.

Look forward to your posts again, don't forget the daily we are all still there hunx

Good luck SJ and don't just Lurk come and join us ....I have restarted as I put on loads over Christmas and New Year, so we are all in the same boat.

Take Care

Good Morning guys,

Thanks so much for all of your replies, it's good to hear from some of the 'old gang'. Hiya Sam, Hedgemag, so lovely to hear from you xxxxx
Fitandtrim, thanks for your sweet words, I like your meal ideas and great idea about googleing the atkins meals, I'll get on with that this afternoon. Well done with your re-start, 17lb is a fab start, I'm sure you're thrilled.

I plan to start with the protein meals tomorrow....:eek: I know....BUT... I have something planned for tea tonight that I wouldn't be able to have on low carb...I need to get it out of my system. Tomorrow I begin my prep week.

I look forward to coming back on the dailys, maybe not every day as I don't get that much spare time but when I do I'll be posting :)

thanks again guys...

xx sj xx keep up the brilliant work all of you :D:D:D

It is sooo good to hear from you, I have thought about you over the months as I know from your diary you were finding things hard. Hun you have taken the first step to putting things right and that is the main thing so try not to feel too down. As others have said eggs and bacon - think Atkins diet and you won't got far wrong in your prep week.

Do please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on, you know we are all here to support you through.



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I would avoid the fruit salad, and smoothies. You need to be aiming for something like the Atkins induction to get you into ketosis as quick as possible.

Green leafy veg, meat, fish, cream and butter (for cooking...not by the carton/packet full :D

It's just for a few days. I found I went into ketosis on day 2.5/3. I didn't watch calories at all, just kept the carbs down.

Weigh yourself before you start this. Treat it as the first day of your diet. People usually lose weight quickly in those first few days because of the depletion of the glycogen.

Lovely to see you back huni. We missed you!!!!!!

Don't you worry girl, we'll have that weight off you in no time at all.

As you can see, I've got to goal but its a right bugger maintaining!

Anyway, look forward to seeing you on here again, lots of love to you xxxxx


Fed up of being fat
Hi SJ, you will soon get the weight off and be back in the swing of things.

I restarted yesterday and hopefully this time I will be sticking to it till the end.

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