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Any ideas?

Hi guys,i hope no body thinks im cheeky asking for advice?.Im doing lighterlife at the minute and have lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks.I do find it hard as i like to go out eating and drinking all weekend with friends etc.I did slimming world b 4 i started LL.I loved it but really struggled i stuck to it 100% and i mean that.I lost 3 the first week then half on half off.I wrote diary shhets changed certain foods etc.All my leader kept saying was hang on in there but i was over 17 stone and very depressed.I have tried the diet 3 times and every time was the same .Has anyone got any ideasxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:cry:
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Hi Paula

Of course we don't think you are cheeky asking for advice, we are all here to support each other!

I did LL for a while to get rid of baby weight (i am 5ft 8, and managed to get up to 17st whilst pregnant!) but found it hard as i love my food and wine! LL did the job and shifted most of it, but it is hard to stick to, you really have to put your life on hold for 3 months and just get the weight off. I am doing SW to get off the last few pounds, the things that work for me are only having 2 green days a week (you lose more on red generally) drinking loads of water, and commiting to exercise as much as poss (half an hour a day is better than doing 2 hour long sessions a week as it keeps your metabolism raised)

Hope this helps, im sure some of the others will be along to chip in soon

Not really, i think it depends on the person doing it, did you have enough syns every day? did you drink enough water? Are you a green/red day person? All these things will contribute towards weight loss, the other thing i have come to realise on this diet is that the more you vary what you eat the easier it seems to lose weight - i was having the same fruit and yoghurt for breakfast every morning and dint lose anything for a couple of weeks, then one of the girls on here suggested changing the fruit i was eating from bananas and grapes to berries, so instead i had loads of berries with yoghurt and a couple of days i had boiled eggs, and i lost 2 pounds this week! Variety really is key and it keeps your body guessing!
Carrie x


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Hi paula sounds like you are having it tough at the moment. What sort of foods did you eat when you were on SW was it more green or red days. Some people find it easier staying on just one of the days.
Hi ,i did mostly green pasta eggs beans syn free chips etc.When i was struggling she suggested having red which i did.My husband has always said its because i ate to much free food.I have got a big appetitexx


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Hi ,i did mostly green pasta eggs beans syn free chips etc.When i was struggling she suggested having red which i did.My husband has always said its because i ate to much free food.I have got a big appetitexx
Hiya, did you ever buy any of the recipe books for the green and red days they have a lot of nice recipies. Free foods are free foods you eat till you feel comfy if it be a little or a lot. It also helps to drink a lot of water so you know you are hydrated because it is easy to think you are hungry when infact you are thirsty.
yeah i did and bought the magazines.It was the only diet that i have ever done that i could manage.I like the weight lose of LL BUT NOT how it cuts off your social lifexx


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I know that it is really hard because you want to see results now as do we all but if you like the SW diet why not give it another try it sounds like it suits you better than LL. I come on every day so if you wanted any recipe ideas for any of the days I would be happy to help. But that is up to you.:)
Hi Paula36,

Sorry for the late reply just switched over from CD to SW ...
I did SW a couple of years ago and had very sporadic losses - one week i'd lose 4-5lbs then the following week i'd gain 3lbs and then weeks in between i'd lose nothing. Anyhow, to cut what is a long story short - I was having lots of green days (I'm a comfort eater :rolleyes:) and found out i was intolerant to wheat & gluten (along with dairy and yeast). All the green days and the free dairy's were bloating me - hence the unusal weight loss pattern. I stick to red now with the odd green day and I'm fine. Just have to avoid anything with wheat, gluten, dairy or yeast. Might be worth playing around cutting out certain foods like pasta or dairy and see if it makes a difference.

Good luck xx

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