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Any know any good Fitness DVDs?

Thanks I'll get looking for hers. Are they general aerobicy ones?
I was wondering the same.
I have a problem with one of my legs, meaning I can't balance well on it so I do worry with all the kicking in most of them I'll end up really wonky looking lol!
But that is also why I don't feel comfortable going in the gym, and I can't run well so that's out.... so I think it will have to do for me!

I did just do a google and in one article, Davina had 9/10 and Hannah Waterman 10!
ive been wondering the same - from other peoples reviews it seems Charlie Brooks (Janine from Eastenders) ahas a good dvd out. Im keeping an eye on some on ebay ;)

I bought two DVD's yesterday. 10 minute solutions Carb & Calorie burner and The Step with Nancy Marmorat.

I found it difficult to choose because I didn't want a 'celebrity' DVD.

I've not done The Step yet cos' my step is in the loft but I've done the first two segments of Carb & Calories. I found it a little bit to quick for me and I struggled with the backwards kicks. Got my heart rate up though.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
ive been wondering the same - from other peoples reviews it seems Charlie Brooks (Janine from Eastenders) ahas a good dvd out. Im keeping an eye on some on ;)


I've got that, it is good XX
The 30 Day Shred is good. It's only 25 mins long too so a bonus if you dont have a lot of time. It's really tough at first but after a few days it gets better :) I also love the 10 Minute Solution dvd's, my favourite is Pilates Perfect Body, thisreally lengthens and shapes the body but is low impact which is great for those days when you really can't be bothered bouncing round your living room! :)
I have Davinas High Energy 5 and love it mainly because one of the trainers will do an easy version if you are finding it difficult or not used to working out I always do the warm up and cool down and usually do at least 2 workouts or 3 if i can, I love the boxing section.
I do Billy Blanks' Tae Bo. It's low impact punching and kicking moves. It's like a cross between boxing and martial arts. They're about 30 minutes long and I do two (there's a series) back to back to make up an hour. They're really fun and great if your joints mean you can't do much jumping. Great!
The best workout I ever had was a cindy crawford one I had on video it was that long ago!! Just found it on DVD on Play.com for £2.99 bargain!

I like the Davina ones for resistence work and toning. I had 30 day shred which I saw good results on, but I only liked the first part of it. I didn't like all the planks in the other parts - I have weak wrists so can't really do any exercise that involves putting body weight on my hands/wrists.
I've got my 'collection' in front of me, i'll write a little bit about each! I love doing dvd's, absolutely love it, can be done anytime, in private, and after buying the dvd it's free! :D

Ministry of Sound 'Pump it Up' - The original Ministry of sound workout with Deanne Berry, had it since 2006 and i still do it. Lot's of cardio and great music, one of my favourites.

Ministry of Sound 'Pump it Up Burn it Lose it' - The second of the series with Deanne Berry once again. A but harder than the first, emphasis is on boxing and it really trimmed my waist down, more toning on the arms and legs too. Great music once again.

Ministry of Sound 'Aeroburn' and 'Dance mix' - Music is great, presenter not so, far too dancey, i didn't even sweat, a bit complicated too...wouldn't recommend!

30 Day Shred - I did the full 30 days in summer, lost 7lbs but bulked up too much. My arms and the tops of my legs went bigger, really they did! Did wonders on my waist though. I still do the abs exercises from this sometimes.

Davina 'Superbody Workout' and 'Body Buff' - Brilliant, i love Davina. Good all rounders for cardio and toning and has shorter sections incase your in a rush.

Nadia Sawalha 'Fat to Fab' - My newest dvd and one of my favourites. Very fast paced and i sweat buckets!! You need some co-ordination to do this.

I use the Nadia one and the first two Ministry of Sound ones the most, i really feel like i'm burning fat. Tbh Davina is if i need more of a break :eek: Although they are great don't get me wrong.

Hope this helps!

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