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Any one else find weekends a struggle?

Hi I'm still 100prcent but it's my first wknd n have found today hard out n about seeing hubby n others enjoying normal food going 2 supermarket n getting BBQ food n wine I felt so left out but know n have 2 remember this is not forever I've done nearly a week n need 2 stick in x
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Hi Cooky, I know what you mean and often find weekends more of a struggle.
My bf's just left to go and stay at his mates as a load of them are getting together for his birthday.

On the up side though I keep telling myself this is only for a short period of time in my life. It's not even summer yet properly!!! Give it 3 months and, depending on how much you have to lose, you can be doing the same thing, just carefully.:D
I don't really find a particular time of the week any more difficult but today i've had all 3 of my packs already when normally I wouldn't have my last one til about 9 at night. The last week or so has been good as i've been having my first shake sitting with my family when they had lunch, second when they had tea, and then a bar in the evening. I'm back in my flat at the moment on my own and am missing that routing I had myself in, it's boredom more than anything else that's made me have them all today so far, definately not hunger.
It's strange though if I set a time to have my bar at night I can wait until then and feel like i'm cheating myself if I have it too early but if I don't set a time i'll have it too early!
Meant to say you might not feel so left out if you make your shakes as much of a meal as their meals, eg have at same time and sit at the table with your oh's and family. I know you're not having the same thing but your still there for the conversation and sitting at the table. I don't even mind cooking the tea for others now although I don't know how i'd have felt at the start!!


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... I think you're totally right about the way you're looking at it Cooky... Its a very very short period to 'go without' in order 'to achieve' isnt it...????

I look at it that this is 'my choice' this is what 'I want & what I need'... The barBQ's aint goin away - on your AAM wks or when you progress up the plans you will be able to have chicken/fish so enjoy the break from it all xx xx xx
Yes that was in the first week Cooky. You have that to look forward to!


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Yes, I definately find the weekends much more difficult, I always have. Firstly, this diet stops my social life altogether - don't see the point in getting ready to go out and drink water. Also, I love food and find it so difficult being surrounded by it at weekends. I need routine and I get that in work Monday to Friday, so yes, weekends are more difficult for me.
I find weekend and school holidays a struggle, I will be glad when today is over, DD back in school tuesday. whoooooooooooop diddy whooooooooooooooop!!!


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I find them hard too!


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I guess the weekends are a little harder.. as its the time you go out with your family and stuff.. but hey its not for that long its not forever!! and I know when I sit there watching them with my shake and bar. I feel good knowing that soon when I slim I will be joining them even if it is only eating a salad.
Its all worth it... x

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