Any other Guys in here - or am I the only one.


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I sure can't believe I am the only fella in here. I know most guys don't seem to have a trouble with their weight, or if they do they just get on with it and lose -end of.

I have always been overweight and this is my first time in a forum.

I don't even or have not used Facebook, but hey let's give this a try and see what happens.

I joined Slimming World 2 weeks BEFORE Christmas, yes I know that was crazy but I so want to lose weight this time that I thought to myself why wait until 1st Jan and put on another 7 or more lbs.

Anyway I did lose weight over Christmas and New Year and I have lost a total of 10lbs so far.

My weight goal below is really just my first step, if I put up having to lose 5 stone, I don't think I would ever get there.

So, I will take small steps this time. 2 stone at a time.
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There are loads of guys on the forum, hope they find this post and encourage you :) good luck and well done so far!

If I recall rightly there is a guy called coljack on the sw boards who has done amazing, I've read lots of his posts. There are others though :)


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Don't worry, you're not the only one. I'm sure they'll be around to say hi soon.

Well done on starting before Christmas! That must have taken some will power. And another well done for the weightloss :)


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Plenty of guys on here TLO - and well done for starting pre-Christmas. My first meeting was in Nov 2011, so had the same raised eyebrows!

Well done on the 10lb loss - that's fantastic. You're doing absolutely the right thing in setting achievable milestones on the way to your main target.

My main tip is variety. Use the site for recipes - there are so many on there to try. Some things (like Quark) can be a real opinion splitter, but if you don't like something, there are plenty of other foods to tuck into and keep the plan interesting.

All the best for 2013!
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I'm a recent joiner to these forum and I"m a guy! Nice to meet you...

I hope your journey is rewarding! You seem to have made a fantastic start, keep it up! :)
Hi Large pretty much at the same weight as the mo i think im 248/250 (17st10/12) in old money lol...I was 19st10 about 6 months ago and slowly lost 2 stone by no real diet as such,but ive just eating a bit healthier and alot more exercise than i'd normally do....but i know your meant to lose the weight slowly as i have done, but in all fairness i think its been a bit too slow im ready to crank it up a gear or 2 and really lose another 3 or 4 please everyone i really need encouragement (and weight loss buddies)to go to the next stage,...a big short term goal for me at the mo would be to get down to 17st which is not easy when i work such long hours and totally knackered when i get home BUT been using that excuse for ages now (even tonight) my new plan is Kettlebells and Punchbag cardio type stuff loads more to add but i think thats enough for now....evening all and hopefully get to know you all and yr goals soon....we can do it guys and gals....F.B.T