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Any other night worker's doing slimming world

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by melonball, 4 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. melonball

    melonball Full Member

    Hi I've been doing slimming world since beginning of October and have lost 2st 4lbs.

    I work shifts but mainly early mornings but this week I have to do nights.

    Previously when I have done nights I have either eaten junk but only eaten twice a day or not really eaten anything except dinner before work.

    Does anyone have any tips?
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  3. lkt100uk

    lkt100uk Member

    I work nights too. To avoid the temptation of buttered toast and cake, I take mugshots, fruit, or make up a frittata (cut into slices and eaten cold) or make a up a batchelors tomato pasta and sauce with added veg. I used to worry I would be eating "extra", but I find I tend to skip my evening meal as I know I'll be eating at night, and hate going to work bloated, and as I go straight to bed in the morning I,m not eating breakfast as such. xxx
  4. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hubby works nights and he batch cooks things, this week he made a massive chilli and froze it in portions and just takes one out of the freezer the day before, and nukes it at work (do you have access to a microwave?) when he is on earlies (5am-1pm) he takes a couple of weetabix and a banana and either some mugshots or cold meat and hard boiled eggs, when he's on lates (11am-9pm) he has a big cooked breakfast before he leaves and then he takes something that can be nuked.
    He doesn't have lunch breaks or anything, he has to stay at his desk, so he has to wait until it gets a bit quiet, runs into the kitchen, chucks it in the microwave and runs back out to his desk.
    It can be done hun x
  5. NotsofattyPatty

    NotsofattyPatty Gold Member

    I'm appalled to hear this. I thought it was a legal requirement that anyone working 6+ hours had to have at least 30 minutes for a meal break. How someone can be expected to work a straight 10 hours without one is beyond me and I really feel for him!
  6. steph1212

    steph1212 Full Member

    I work nights and when I'm on nights, I tend to have weetabix, milk and fruit on my break. I try to drink more water too to keep me hydrated and stop the body fooling me that I'm hungry!!
    Before I go into work (a few hours before) I'll have a meal with carbs to keep me going to the early hours- normally a slimmjng world brekkie or a spag Bol/ jacket potato and salad.
    Nights really screws me up on plan because I just go all out of sync. I never know when to start my new daily allowance etc! Good luck!
  7. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    You would think so but nope! They all take it in turns, like he would wait until it was quiet and then another person would have to cover his phones while he made something to eat and vice versa for them to eat something. And then brings it out and eats it at his desk.
    :( because of this he generally eats better at night because it's quiet enough for him to actually cook something. On weekend days they usually all chip in and someone goes to the shop to buy ingredients and cooks it for everyone but no guarantee it will be SW friendly so I don't think he does that often anymore. He kind of has a sixth sense about what the shift will be like due to weather/accidents etc so if he thinks he won't have time his lunchbox just sits on his desk with things he can literally grab and eat x
  8. melonball

    melonball Full Member

    Thanks for the tips, 2 nights in and not really eating much at all. . . . . .
    Last night had some pasta before work and then a mugshot fruit and yogurt over night then 2 aplen bars this morning.

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