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Any Side effects? Hair Loss, Gallstones, LooseSkin etc?

Hi folks

I've been on Exante from August. Have lost 3.5 stone although this has been wavering from Christmas. Finding it very hard to get back on track. Was loving Exante and feeling amazing those first few months. Not feeling as wonderful now. Just can't get Ketosis to kick in.

My hair is thinning, (this is eased slightly) Skin feeling flabby but worst was the agonising Stomach/back pains. Woke up (feeling very ill and sorry for myself 3 times now) 2 incidents are attributed to diving straight off the wagon and eating a couple of pieces of pizza or similar (would definitely not recommend). Although the first night I have no explanation for. It was at Christmas and I had weaned off the diet. (have an appointement with Doc to see if it is gallbladder issues..)

I know people that were on shorter term and didn't seem to have any probs, just wondering if this is a long term thing and will it be remedied when I return to healthy eating. (will drop exante a line but just wondering how you guys were getting on)

Any advice on keeping hair & loosing the wobbly bits!

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Hi I did cd for same amount of time as you on this my hair started to thin so stopped, it's taken a while but is now back and thicker I think short term vlcds are ok but more than a few months personaly my body couldn't cope. Now trying working solutions hopefully hair won't fall out this time with the extra cals x x
Thanks Claire

Am coming to the same conclusion, now wished I'd just stuck at it over Christmas, aim to lose another couple of stone this way and then onto WS or good old WW or SW.

Fantastic Weightloss!
hey I am on CD but can relate to your post so I thought I would reply !!!

I did 5 months straight on VLCD and my hair did fall out a lot , but I have very thick hair and it looked great ... and regrew when I started eating again so not a major issue for me .

I also had gallstones and had my gall bladder out in october .. this is not a VLCD issue more a loosing weight issue ... anyone who looses more than 2 stone in an 18 month period is at higher risk of gallstones , basically when you are eating 'normally ' you use bile to digest fat .. so any stones in the gallbladder are floating around in the bile separtely .. when you do a low fat diet , you dont use any bile so all the sludgy bits in your gallbladder have no bile to float about in so can clump together .. then when you eat fat .. bam you have a big clump stuck and excruciating pain :(

I have had no issues since having it removed even when eating naughty things over christmas !!! It does sound like you could have gallstones , and pizza is a classic one for agrevating it as the melted cheese is an instant fat hit ....

hope this has helped a little :)
Altho gallstones is common after losing weight its also more common in overweight people so its a catch 22. I had my gallbladder removed due to gallstones non diet related. Hope u get to the bottom of it soon x
My hair is definitely thinning (but like determinator, I have really thick hair too, so at the moment it's rather nice, as I can tie it back with normal hair clips :)) I'm sure I'll get concerned if it keeps coming out.

For me though, I'm determined to get this weight off this year, so if I get weirdly thin hair for a few months, so be it, as it will grow back.

Sounds like the right plan to go and get checked by the doctor for the gallbladder stuff, as that can be really uncomfortable.

Good luck :)
Hi TT, I did cambridge for 26 weeks sole source with the add a meal week every 5th week and only noticed my bowels (bit blocked, took stuff, all ok) I think it's very personal as to how you find any side effects, as with any diet, dependant on age, skin type and how long you've been big. I have always been big till I did cambridge in 2006 after having my first boy, I did have a small apron and the tops of my legs didnt' go tight, and I put on with my second pregnancy so when I've dropped this baby weight I'll still have it but you've got to think, what's worse, wearing big clothes, being uncomfortable and not happy or being thin, feeling fit with a bit of extra skin, I'm not going to parade round in a bikini or mini skirt so not a problem xx Think long term health over temporary side effects xx

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