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no weight loss despite no cheating, any idea s?

hi there

i ve been on cambridge for 5 and a half weeks, first 4 great normal sort of weekly losses. but in the last ten days one pound min inches. i walk 2-6 miles per day. last week i felt a bit odd (felt like my stomach was tiring to eat itself but no hunger for me) def don t have a bug all things digestive ticking along nicely now as i started having a ss+ meal reg and im now feeling great.

just wondering has anybody else had a prolonged period of sts. have not cheated once or broken ketosis. i step up next week to step 3 as there are event s that i won t be missing but had hoped to get something out of the 2 extra weeks of ss/ss+

any thoughts

cheers in advance
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It can happen if you are over exercising. A couple of other ladies on here went through something similar. They had great losses but the exercise seemed to stop their bodies losing weight. Maybe step up to step 2 and have a week there. You'll likely lose a chunk of weight that week. Then if you want go back down to step1 after that!

cheers for the reply

i ve really been quite low key on the excercise and haven t increased my activity recently but i might need to step up and seee what happens then
In general the losses on step 2 are pretty similar to step 1 but sometimes out metabolism need the kick from a bit of extra food. Hope you work it out! Xxx
Have you checked the "obvious" , TOTM,? Drinking enough - but not too much water - it can sometimes be counter effective to go mad on the water, not inadvertently having extra milk etc in your tea/coffee? Sometime exercise or a change in pattern can have an impact - if you were used to walking 2-6 miles a day and suddenly stop…I know the last time i started cd I was exercising every day so kept it going and it had no effect, but the time before I introduced exercise and my losses dropped right off until i stopped again.

Your stats also show that you are already at a BMI of 25, and I think weight loss slows considerably when you have very little to lose, so that might be having an effect? I know my consultant has told me that when i get within a stone of a healthy BMI ( in my dreams)then I have to move up the steps as SS is no longer allowed - not sure if this is correct or not.

Hope you find the solution - must be really frustrating.
Be very careful with the exercise on SS+. It landed me in hospital on week 7. I unfortunately learned from experience that you need to be on a minimum of Step 2 if you're doing any type of regular exercise. You should move up and you can move back down to SS+ again in a week or two once you've given your body a breather.
cheers all good thoughts

yeah i have checked all the obvious and sadly not the prob, drinking 3 to 4 litres which has always been what i take. i have kept up the excercise but only the walking( have to walk to work and when im in the community) cut down the gym but that is something i only do a couple of times a week and i hadn t been too reg prior to starting anyway.

at a bmi of 25 as far as ths figures say im still overweight and i see a lot of people with a much smaller bmi doing ss and losing. i am stepping up next week any way but had hoped to get a bit extra to cover xmas. it is dissapointing but not the end of the world. spoke to my consultant and she want s me to come up now so guess thats what i ll do as im pretty sure my body must need more food and its gone into self presevation mode. all i can say to my body you is selfish little yip i def have plenty more stored and it could have helped its self to some without the universe crashing! on well c`est la vie

thank you for putting some thought into it very much apprieciated
Be very careful with the exercise on SS+. It landed me in hospital on week 7. I unfortunately learned from experience that you need to be on a minimum of Step 2 if you're doing any type of regular exercise. You should move up and you can move back down to SS+ again in a week or two once you've given your body a breather.

i walk these sorts of distances in general life and short of being carried about in a litter i don t see how i can cut it down. i completely agree with you on the excercise its not going to push your losses greatly and i don t see the point thats hellish you endedd up in hosp hadn t realised it could be that bad. the walking hasn t been added its just my norm, mainly id say its nearer the 2 miles mark as i haven t been out for long walks in the evening.

Don't worry about what you are doing - like all things there are extreme reactions to all aspects off the diet - some people get liver problems - but most don't, some people get gall stones, al lot don't, some people lose lots of hair, (I do), some don't, some people can't do any exercise on it - most can! The thing to do is make sure you monitor how you re feeling and adjust accordingly.
The exercise one is a long standing debate - there is a sticky at the top talking about it. (http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/257745-exercise-vlcd.html) not sure how to do links. The advice I was given last time, which my consultant phoned up for was , its totally fine to exercise whilst on CD, take it easy for the first 2 weeks while your body adjusts to the diet, then don't start a new programme but it was fine to carry on with existing programmes BUT, listen to my body, stay hydrated and stop if feeling ill. If feeling unwell I could either cut back on the exercise or move up the steps to find the right balance for me.

I was doing 5-6 session a week aerobic and strength and didn't want to stop, For what its worth I was totally fine and lost 5st in 12 weeks - so please don't stress over it. I kept the weight off for a year before my life went haywire! This time I have not been exercising and my losses whilst still great have been slower and have lost 10 lbs less for the same point in the diet.

Hope this helps and you don't feel you are doing anything wrong for doing what is part of your daily life!!
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I had 2 x STS weeks on SS, was like weeks 8+9 I think. I ended up having a day off the diet to kick start my metabolism and lost 4lb the following week!!! See how you get on and if you don't lose soon I'd recommend it as long as you know you will get back on the diet.

Good luck x
cheers guys

bessie thanks chick

liz its goods to hear that im not alone in the sts. i ve started step 2 and feeling pretty good at least im giving my body a bit extra and hopefully that will be enough to start the ball rolling again

thanks to all it really helped

I've had some weeks of great losses and some of slow (2lb) losses. Sometimes I think my bodies going "Hey - What you doing?" and holding on to weight! It normally goes in a few weeks and I have a few weeks of good losses again after that :)

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