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Any SWers successfully swapped to WW?

Principessa N

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I've always done slimming world and its very successful when i stick to it, but because i find it so restrictive. I have tried WW before but i can't seem to stick with it, but i no it is so easy to do. I think the problem is i HAVE to diet, to fit in my dress but i don't want to, well i do but i'm just not in the right frame of mind, does that make sense? Anyway i've always heard if you can do one you can't do the other, has anyone successfully done both?
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Both diets work - there is enough evidence for that - I think it depends on what your "eating problem" is as to which one will be most successful for you in the long term.

I really liked the healthy foods that I could eat "freely" on SW - they were actually pretty much what I ate before I dieted...it just gave me license to eat as much of it as I wanted so I needed the discipline of portion control.

I guess it depends where you head is - and it sounds like you have acknowledged that you are not in the right mindset yet for either to work. That for me has always been the key - do I want to lose weight or do I think I should/have to etc.

It has to be done for you in order for it to stay off longer term. xx


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OK here is my story

I had a friend who lost over 7 stone on ww she looked stunning
anyway I weighed in at needing to loose 6 stone - she persuaded me to do WW but I couldnt go to class due to work - she helped at her class and got me all the stuff from her leader ( long story but I taught both their boys)
well after doing a week of ww I kept feinting - went to the doctor and she said I wasnt eating properly on weight watchers and using my points on poor food choices - she suggested I try SW - whihc I did and got down to a size 10 and felt grat - I kept that off till I gave up smoking and as SW had not taught me the portion control I needed I ballooned again putting on half the weight I had lost

so I thought I would try WW again - this time witht he discover plan there is far more help from WW on eating and making good food choices - I am now losing weight again and feel so much better

so can you do both - yes of course you can - you just have to remember to forget all you have learnt in the past - its like speaking more than one language - if you mix them up and use bits of each - say mexican and Japanese you become totally incomprehensible - try to mix the two diets they same happens - you dont actually get the best of both worlds - you just endup with nothing
ww is really really good - give it a try

sorry this has been so long but I wanted to try to give you the first ww experience as well as the recent one :)


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i lost 20lbs on SW and recently made the change to WW and i struggled at first with the drastic change in portions sizes but i have stuck with it and lost 4.5lbs in the first week.

i felt SW was quite uncontrolled for me and i was overeating and my weight losses were slowing down

i hope this helps


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