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Any tips for boosting your immune system?


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I'm starting a Primary PGCE (teacher training, I know not everyone knows what a PGCE is!) in September so I'll be spending half the year in primary schools surrounded by kids carrying all sorts of germs. It's a pretty well known fact that teachers are fairly prone to colds etc. because of it but just wondering what can be done to prevent it as much as possible. I have Asthma so I know that if I get a cold and it goes to my chest, it can take me weeks to get rid of it. I'm fully prepared for the fact that colds and stuff are things that I'm just going to have to deal with but I would like to try and give my body the best chance possible to fight it all.

I've just bought some multivitamins, do have a fairly balanced diet and try to get in exercise regularly, but is there anything else that anyone knows of or has tried that has really helped? I know there's a whole bunch of immune system boosting products out there and whilst I don't mind buying them if they'll help, I don't want to waste my money on something that won't actually help. So any advice or tips appreciated!
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Hiya ive just completed my pgce primary hard work but well worth it good luck!!

Best advice carry a small tub of antibacterial hand rub/gel on you they are only small bottles and im sure theres a high shelf to stop the kids wastin it or in your pocket :)

I swore by it!

I was in a reception class and yr 1/2 class so with those children who have no concept of washin hands after the toilet haha constantly remindin them, snotty noses and colds and reminding them to get a tissue and cover there mouths etc u nag enough and they soon realise n independently ask if they can go get a tissue :)

Vitamin c is a good source so plenty of oranges :)!

All i can say is you cant avoid it but you can try and i made it with only a minor cold just the sniffles so managed 100% attendance during placement.

Just wash your hands regularly and i try to use my own pens in my pocket too as the little ones especially like chewin them or wipin there little noses with their hand and pickin up the pens and also after the toilet lol!

Typical children really its all part of the job but i love it :)

I used to work in a nursery too with babies right through to 11yr olds and i can honestly say thats all i do of the above

If you get the sniffles i swear by nightnurse one dose 1/2 hr before bed and your sorted!

Just get on the lozenges and what not before the cold gets too bad :(

Good luck anyway hope it helps.


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Thanks that's great advice, I'll make sure to remember it all! You've lost so much weight, truly amazing well done!! How have you found finding a job?


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Echinacea! I buy the tablets from asda, it's usually on offer. I've literally taken 1 a day for a few years and very rarely get colds, I used to sometimes have one every few weeks and right now I couldn't tell you when I last had one!!
Worth a try :)
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i was also going to say Echinacea and zinc too! you will most likely get something though. you just need to build up the immunity to the 'kids'! lol :D i'm a primary school teacher so know what you mean though. just be prepared. my first term of teacher training i ended up with the flu! staff room with all my stuff was on the top floor so i had to crawl up there at the end of the day on my hands and knees to get my things, crawl down again and get to the car to drive home. luckily my teaching practice was in the town near to where i lived. got home and went to bed and there i stayed for a week. had to write an essay too and i got a A for it, think i was high as a kite! :)

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