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any tips for me as join you on ss

as from tomorrow i am starting sole source. the prep week has been good and i have no problems thru the day and had low / no carb meal in the evening . i find it is in the evening when kids in bed and hubby gone to work ( he works permenant nights , surpirising i have kids !!) that i pick !
am guessing i havent gone into ketosis yet but hope once i start ss it wont take long. my mother commented today she thought i had lost some wt, shock, horrow she usually tells me i need to loose some.
she is nice and slim but i guess that when my dad died last year , she gave up eating and i comfort ate and sank a few bicardi and cokes ( diet of course ) . my dad was only in his 60's (i am 36 ) and i know i have put on a stone since he died.:cry:
so any tips from you experieced cd would be appreciated.
i have been surprised at how much i have gained from joining this forum, given me more will power than i thought.
i am looking forward to ss and seeing a difference in my body shape.
one problem i have had so far is not sleeping well, guessing it maybe because i am having caffeine withdrawal. i cant tolerate black coffee, i have tried, can do the sweeetner , used to have 1 sugar, so now i have a small drop of skimmed milk. i am now only drinking one coffee a day where i was drinking about 15.
i thought my biggest challenge was the water intake however got a nice fancy glass that hold 250 mls and its going down well and i am drinling more than the minimum of water.
will that 1 coffee make much difference ... it really is like a teaspoon of skimmed milk and only once a day !!! :sigh:.
any advice gratefully recieved. after biggest birthday challenge today i believe i can suceed.
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Hunny, if *I* can SS, I'm SURE that you can!! I know what you mean about being fine in the day and then picking. I've managed to SS for 5 days now and that's with having milk in tea. I will let you know what the weight loss was like tomorrow when I get weighed as to whether milk makes a difference!!

Good luck with your journey. This board is great! I jump on here whenever I feel hungry or feel like cheating and it's really really helped! :D
am hoping to get weighed tomorrow, going to my cdc about 4 ish, hopefully i will have shed a few pounds,.... cant wait to find out. i am 12st 9 want to get to 10st 7.
Stick with it and with minimins, were behind you all the way !!!!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Doing the prep was the best thing you could have done! So many people miss it out and it is such a big mistake.
I did the prep for four days prior to starting CD and have had no problems whatsoever on SS.

Hope you enjoy your journey!!
Hi Mommysue. How are you doing today???
Well done for joining the toughest plan in the world!!! It does get easier I promise!! If I can get through it, I am sure that you can!!

Good luck with your journey.
doing good so far ...... terrible really the kids have just had some of yesterdays birthday cake and wasnt tempted at all.... normally i would have eaten about 3 slices !!!! have put on a new thread as i have lost some inches ...... weigh day today , more exciting than payday !!!
feel really positive about this
Hi Sue - there are lots of things that can help you to SS... firstly your CDC will be a constant source of encouragment and support and they will be there if you struggle.. apart from that... I found the following really really helpful... definitely drink loads of water, do things - i.e... sort out a cluttered cupboard or bookcase... start clearing your loft... weather permitting do some gardening... clean out your crockery cupboard.. under the sink... you know the kind of thing... have a big deep bubble bath with a good book or just candles and soft music.... (no food in a bathroom... lol)... if you have a dog walk it, if you don't then see if any elderly or infirm folk in your neighbourhood have one you can 'borrow' occassionally,... lol... when you have been SSing long enough and with your counsellors advice ... try the recipes.. (I adore my choc mint muffins and the butterscotch mousse!) Other things involve other people - have friends over who you know won't try to tempt you to break the diet... remove temptation from your cupboards.... gosh there's lots! lol

Anyway, that's me waffled on enough. I love your attitude and am certain you will be absolutely fine. Keep us posted though! (Keeping an online diary is really helpful too!) Good luck with your weight loss journey and on into maintenance :D
how do i set up am online diary ?
got 2 mad boxer dogs so the dog walking not a problem !!!!
i was wallowing in the bath last nite feeling really positive, knowing i can do this. however week after next our auxilary nurse is retiring so we are going for a night out !!!
i cant go to a restaurant and sit with justa glass of water ( i never get to go out ) so i wondering on that day whether i could get away with a salad and wated instead of booze.... any recommendations.
Hi Sue...You can have plain chicken salad and that should'nt come out of ketosis. I find that when I am out I drink pints of soda water.

Well done for not giving into the temptation of the Birthday cake - did your LO enjoy the party?

Good luck with the weigh in later - let us know how you do.


well def stick to it. just had 1/2 litre of the clear stuff........
love looking everyones tickers, and seeing what others have achieved. spurs me on .
how do i set up am online diary ?
got 2 mad boxer dogs so the dog walking not a problem !!!!
i was wallowing in the bath last nite feeling really positive, knowing i can do this. however week after next our auxilary nurse is retiring so we are going for a night out !!!
i cant go to a restaurant and sit with justa glass of water ( i never get to go out ) so i wondering on that day whether i could get away with a salad and wated instead of booze.... any recommendations.
Couldn't you sit there with a Coke zero instead - be involved in the chats but not the food and drink?

From what I've read it is really difficult to get back onto SS for a lot of people once they have cheated so the best course of action is probably to throw yourself totally and whole-heartedly into the diet.
I noticed you were from Redditch. I used to work there until June of last year. I think there may have been a get-together fairly recently where people went up Broad Street but I was just a lurker after the event. Maybe we'll meet up next time? I've notice a couple of others on here from Birmingham too.

I've always been one of those 'all or nothing' people (but am trying to change) so at the mo I avoid going out to anywhere where there is food and drink as I really want to be at target by Christmas so I wouldn't have gone to the last get-together. My social life at the mo extends to going to the cinema and sneaking in my own coke zero or flavoured water.
wow , you have abetter social life than me !!
hubby works 5 nights, i work 5 morns, pass occasionally. got 4 kids.
i am only on day 1 of ss and feeling pos .
be better off meeting at a swimming pool, dont think i could resist the temptation of broad street, all those clubs and bars ....... i remember the days used to be up there 3 times a week, pre kids. worked at sellyoak hosp then and my now husband lived in sellyoak.... in fact that was the start of my down fall. put on a stone thru going out, boozing and junk food !
You know what, you CAN sit there and not eat but it is hard... you can do what I did at times... take a pack with you (soup) and have it as your meal, washed down with lots of water...and you can take the water flavourings with you too.. or if you think that sitting there with others eating will be too difficult..(and sometimes it really can be!) why not meet them after the food part is done and dusted... another helpful thing is to drink lots just before you go out so you are full and less inclined to break SSing.. best advice really though is to speak to your counsellor and ask them what they recommend suits you best as they may have other advice to give you.

There are definitley times when I declined social invitations that involved food because I found it very very tough, but it all boils down to choice in the end :D

You decide what's best for you and what you are happiest with, I'm sure there is a compromise somewhere along the line. Have a great time (if you go)! :D :D
You now fff, cos of our work patterns and kids my and hubbynever go out , in fact i think the last time we went out was my friends wedding june 2006. oh and work xmas does last year .would to hate to miss retirement do cos the lady that is off is soooo lurverly !!!
i willsee how i am getting on , its 10 days away yet .


Got to stop eating!
Try not to eat! Getting back on after you have is sooooo bloody difficult! I am struggling with tryingt o get back on the wagon having fallen off by having "Just a bite" People will be sooo impressed when you sit drinking water or diet coke! With regards to the drinking alcohol I have been allowing myself a few well earned Vodka and diet cokes for special occasions, doen't kicj you out of ketosis just don't drink too many as picking at food if you have had too many is much much harder!!!!

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