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any1 had a spray tan?


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have not personally had one myself but know a few people who have had them done and they are really good, only problem is they have all had to do it in paper knickers not really sure of the reasoning behind this but me thinks its so you dont get a strip of colour like you would if you wore normal underwear, however sure it would not be an issue if you wanted to wear normal, from what i have seen they didn't go orange or streaky and you can even have a six pack sprayed on. hope this helps

I've had a couple of spray tans before I got married. The first one was great...but the second one went a bit funny and I had orange knees and knuckles!!

What are you self consious about? My sister came with me and she was very worried as she is a bigger girl. I phoned the tanning place to ask how big the booths were and explained why I was asking. Well, they told me they thought Kerry would be ok in there but were not sure. We got there and the booths were massive!! You could fit about 10 people in there!! Kerry and I couldn't stop laughing! The one I went to was in Lakeside, Thurrock and you just got in there alone. No one sees you and you can either wear knickers if you want to or not if you don't want lines.

If you want one then go for it....there is no need to be worried as no one will see you in the booths and it's really quick. You just need to follow the directions...i.e turning when it tells you to. It's over in seconds.

Hopefully you will enjoy it and be pleased with the results...have you seen Friends where Ross goes for a spray tan and gets stuck in there? That's really funny!!

Let me know how you get on x x

Oh just read the message below and yes you can wear paper knickers if you want to...or just take an old pair that you don't mind getting ruined as the spray tan may stain them. Or as I said no knickers at all if you're feeling daring!!


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oh forgot to mention on mine my friends had the tan where an actual person sprays you rather than going into a booth


I have had quite a few - my recommended would be the StTropez Airport
It is a lovely natural colour and no streaks/ orange bits!
You are given paper knickers but I take an old pair of my own as the paper ones are very very flimsy and show all your bits n pieces!
You are moisturised on your feet and elbows and then asked to stand in a booth where the therapist sprays you evenly!
It is a bit embarrassing if you are like me and very shy about your body - but it is worth 10 mins of shame to get a weeks tan!

I had one a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take baby steps and just get the top half done for my first time as I was nervous of getting my wobbly bits and stretch marks out in front of the young glamourous very slim sprayer!

It was ok though. I was in and out withing 5 minutes. I think I'll be able to pluck up the courage to have one all over before my holiday.

I had a fake bake one as was told me that they don't smell - some of them smell dreadful (even worse than ketosis breath!) but this one didn't have any smell at all.

Go for it - nothing like a bit of a healthy glow to perk you up is there!
I think they smell because of the ingredients of the spray tan, but I think someone mentioned below that you can have ones that don't smell.

I have to be honest and the smell did hang around for 2-3 days which is not good considering the tan is supposed to be looking it's best after 24 hours! So you look great but smell bad! Don't know if anyone else good smell it on me but I certainly could!
I'm not sure why, and I can't describe what they smell of but smell they do! Mine lasted for about 4-5 days.

I've tried loads of the DIY ones too recently. Was using the Johnsons gradual tan moisturiser but the smell made me feel really grubby. Best (and nicest smelling) one I've found so far is Garnier. I got a dry face mist (that you don't have to rub in so no orange palms!) and one for the body that is also a spray but you do have to rub it in a little. It was on special offer at boots - half price so 3.99 for face spray and 5.99 for body I think - don't know if it still is.

I'll use these to top up inbetween and then have a professional one every now and then. Got to keep on top of it as I have very dark hair and am naturally very pale - I look kind of like a witch if I haven't got a bit of colour! Have been guilty of abusing the sunbed for years :whoopass: but went cold turkey 2 months ago! Not using them again, I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to tempt fate on the wrinkle front!
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I have had 2 sprays tans in my life-the first was with good effect altho the salon was a bit rubbish and ventilation was an open window (yeah, and I looked bad enough in paper pants!) but they closed down so I went to a dedicated tanning salon a month ago. The 2nd tan was ok but patchy: I wished she had asked me to lift my butt cheeks and my overhanging belly, as I had weird white strips under each, so then I didn't feel comfy getting jiggy with the boyf!
I would also check out what you stand on - my feet turned deepest brown - don't think they washed the rubber mat, and it took a week of walking round disney for that to wear off!
So between hiding my brown feet and white strips, I'd say just be careful.
Since hols, I have used Nivea Sunkissed skin every night and been very happy with it (241 at Lloyds at the moment!).
The strange smell is like chemically biscuits I think - something to do with the skin melanin reaction, I believe. the smell of Nivea is ok, not too obvious, and I put it on at night and shower it off the next am.
Best of luck,
I've only had one spray tan done, it was for my 40th b-day, a couple of days before my party.

I loved it:D It was a St. Tropez, girl did it with an air gun. No streaking and colour was great. I was soooo worried I'd look like Dale Winton!!! I'm very fair and freckly. But the colour was great, not too dark, not too light and def not orange:eek:

It lasted about 5-6 days. Smell was weird, but only smelt at first, was ok after a shower.

what is the usual cost for this and how long do they last?
I use that moisturiser tanning cream and thats really good.

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