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any1 using the wii fit?

i use it! it's great for me as i'm so unfit you can its brilliant to break me in to the exercise world!

the toning and yoga stuff i think is great for lipotrim. and the balance games are just great fun, the cardio is ok but if you're a bit more hardcore than me you may need something extra!



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oh i'm usless as excersise never stuck at anything in my life, hate walking, didnt stick gym or swimming only thing i do is horseride, but bought a hula hoop and back on tfr since yesterday going to do 1000 hula hoops a day 3 * 10min on vibro plate and hopefully something on wii fit !!

hope i can stick to it
I haven`t been on mine for awhile cos the kids lost the disc grr but now they`ve found it I`m gonna get back into my groove ;)

It is FAB!! It makes exercising fun and it does help :D

Enjoy it!!

I've stuck mine in the loft while we're decorating, so haven't actually used it on LT. But, it's a lot of fun, also, it has a little BMI & weight chart, which is quite encouraging. You can pretty much put in as much effort as you want, so, yeah, definitely worth getting & a good giggle while you're trying to get things right!



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thanks guys, got it yest eve, had great fun with kids setting it up, it said i was boderline obese and changed my image to make me shorter and fatter, my daughter was in stiches said "look t shirt doesnt even fit u"

did 40min on it last night, i know i wont do this every evening, but i aim to do it the evenings i cant go horse riding, had a great laugh with kids and hubby doing dance moves and headding the football!

prob just a novelty but hopefully will entice me to do some excerise ive never been good at that!!

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