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Anybody like to check this newbie's diary?!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by ScouseBird83, 30 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Hi guys! :)

    So, as I've not long started with SW EE, I have been browsing all your food diaries on here to gain some tips and inspiration! Wondered whether someone would be able to look at mine, for past two days, and let me know what you think? :)

    WEDS 28th: -
    B/FAST - Skinny cappuccino Muller Light, w/chopped blueberries & Strawberries (only a small handful)

    LUNCH - cup Coffee w/SS milk (part of my HEa)
    205g Heinz spaghetti hoops, 1 x sml wholemeal slice Hovis (no butter), w/fried egg (fry light)

    TEA - SW easy chicken korma w/Pilau Rice (free) (recipe from latest SW mag!)

    SNACKS - banana, tangerine

    THURS 29th: -
    B/FAST - 2 x wholewheat Hovis sml toast (unbuttered), 205g tin Heinz spaghetti hoops, poached egg, green tea

    LUNCH - Muller Light coconut w/lime yoghurt, w/chopped strawberries (sml handful) & coffee w/SS milk

    TEA - jacket potato (no butter) w/beans, grated mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, chopped up packet ham (4 slices), 1 x tblspn salad cream

    SNACKS - Green tea (cup), tangerine

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  3. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    You seem to be using all your allowances and HEx. The only thing I would say is something another forum poster on here said to me, is that you don't seem to be eating your super free 1/3 of the plate with each meal. Granted, this can be hard with beans on toast etc... I try to add more veg or salad with my lunch and evening meal.
    see how my day compares:
    Breakfast: mixed fruit salad chopped up and topped with a muller light.
    Lunch: jacket potato with beans and 40g cheddar
    Dinner: beef mince cottage pie style with a tin of five beans added and topped with sliced potato. Half the plate filled with roasted veg: sliced carrots, mixed peppers, onion and broccoli with a tsp honey, balsamic vinegar, salt, black pepper and mixed herbs.
    Snack: sliced banana sandwich with 2 tsps of chocolate spread (3syns)
    As you can see, I was successful with the 1/3 rule for breakfast and dinner but not lunch but I'm not worried because I think it has been a good day.
  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Your food looks ok, you could post pics of your food so we can see if there is 1/3 super free. What are you using your syns on?
  5. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Hey guys, thanks for replies!

    Do you have to follow the 1 3rd rule? And can you use your syns in your meals?

    I don't think I can post pics here with being a new member?

    So, if I was to have beans on toast, how could I add the 1 3rd??

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  6. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Full Member

    Pootle, what you mean by allowances? Do you mean syns?

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