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Anyone around this evening?

Evening Shelly :)
I have just finished one of the jackets I am making for my mum (making her Fall/Winter wardrobe!) whilst watching Project Runway which makes me laugh. Now going to watch Friends. What an exciting evening eh?!
Been a bit poorly this weekend, got an acheing back and feel very sick... hmmm.
Was severely tempted by some turkey yesterday, had a little nibble then ended up giving the rest to the cats, so I feel much better about that lol!
You not a big rugby fan then?!
So your very clever then with the lil ole needle.....how great! Bet your mum will love it.
My son adores Friends...he has the whole collection which has been well worth the money as he watches them all of the time.....I'm sure his role model is Joey....God elp us!
Aww I really hope your feeling better today thou hun and "STEP AWAY FROM THE TURKEY". My hubby shouts to me "STEP AWAY FROM THE HANDBAGS", when we are out shopping and then he walks of laughing while im standing there red faced with everyone looking at me. I'm not addicted to handbags....I promise you im not;).
Us welsh love our rugger......but not at the moment...dire straits.....ah well theres always the next world cup lol
Ooooh but Joey is so sweet lol! Friends is ace, I usually watch it at 6pm whilst I am having my soup, but missed it earlier. really hoping my mum will like her outfits, she sews too so I know she will be inspecting them very carefully for quality LOL. Nice to work on something other than corsets and wedding gowns sometimes though :)
Teehee at your hubby and the handbags, aw bless, I am bad with shoes... I have a real designer shoe problem!
OOOOO designer shoes.....now we are talking lol
Wow you make a variety of clothing then....how long have you been doing that for?
Well, I've been in business about 11 years now. I dont make clothes other than corsetry and gowns for clients - just for myself and my mum and occasionally for friends. People tend not to realise the value of bespoke clothing you see, so tend to think you are a 'dressmaker', which makes me really cross!!!!