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anyone awake?

feeling lethargic. fat. and lonely.
sitting in bed with laptop thinking about the mammouth task ahead of me...
currently im 5ft 2/3 and weigh 12st 10 - im only 19 - am going travelling in august.
but then i want to weigh 9st max.

anyone got any words of inspiration.
i feel soooo fed up of hating what i see in the mirror - its really getting me down :(
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I'm sop sorry you feel so fed up your 19 and have your whole life ahead of you. How fabulous that your going travelling. Think about the positive aspects of you and there will be many this may give you the confidence you need to start the journey of your weight loss. Disliking yourself so much may make it worse. You must have some incredible skills being able to plan travelling, how lucky are you. I'm soooo jealous. Take care and be kind to yourself youwould not be so harsh with your words about a friend! I'm sending you a hug xxx


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Huge hug Xxxxxxxxxx

I was going to say please don't feel too down - but I guess we all do at sometime.

Can I just say that losing 3 stone 10 pounds by August is too much to expect from yourself. If you set yourself a target like that it is probably you won't attain it and then feel worse with yourself.

Set yourself little targets, doing a full day or couple of days on the plan etc. Leave yourself little motivational notes around the house reminding yourself how great you are.


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Oooh, you're exactly the same as I was at 19 weightwise, altho a little taller! Took me six months to lose three stone (and not very healthily neither. Just an apple and orange for lunch) so I agree with Suepat (a common occurrence) that you have an uphill task ahead.

But, and I know I'm going to sound like an old fart here, I would say please, don't hate yourself. I spent all my teens and 20s doing that and now I look at photos and I think "Wow, where's that fat, horrible, ugly girl I remember?" You have the whole world at your feet - literally if you're going travelling! - and you'll never have that again. Don't let your weight spoil that.

You can still lose a whole lot of weight between now and then and every pound will make you feel better. But don't let not getting to a mythical goal spoil your trip.

Personally, I used to have Slimfast (or rather it was a similar thing called Slender) and then nibble all day as I was starving. I'd always rather eat real food on a diet than have a "delicious milkshake". But that's me.

Good luck and keep in touch!


I am one of the 63336
S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I've just had a look at your photo album. You look great - there's one in particular you've labelled 'feeling fat' where you look lovely and very pretty.

Please don't lose the amount of weight you want to, you REALLY don't need to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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You are so pretty! I agree with Sue, mini-goals rather than lookin at the whole pic, and setting achievable goals! I must dash to work, but didn't want to read and not reply. Don't be too strict- when I am with myself I end up binging and feeling worse! And exercise- it really does help and also lifts your mood. Good luck x


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You are so pretty :) I know exactly how you feel about feeling fed up with yourself - sometimes I don't feel like im getting anywhere either - it all takes time...amazing how youre going travelling - wish I was!! At least you have this amazing opportunity to look forward to - this will definatly help you stay focussed with losing the weight you wanna lose - Good Luck - chin up!! :)


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i went travelling at your age hon and if you manage one and a half till then i guarantee while your travelling you will lose another i was gone 6 weeks backpacking and i lost a stone and i was a size twelve all that carrying stuff and no time to eat you should be feeling excited bout that not worrying how you look. Trust me even if you just manage the stone you will feel marvellous dont be too hard on yourself and for goodness sake my lovely start getting excited your about to do the most life affirming thing ever XXXXX


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Don't think I can add anything different to the good advice thats been posted, except that I find when I focused on how much weight I needed to lose by a specific date I just put myself under too much pressure (and unrealistic targets) and ate more not less.

I know its easy to say but be kind to yourself and focus on the positive you have a lot to look forward to, I'm excited for you.

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