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GEEGEE83 Diary

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by GEEGEE83, 9 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking for a few days now, but started the diet today.

    Previously tried & failed but I'm in a good place now and am going to give it another go!

    So, weigh in today at 18st 7.5lbs, I'm a size 20, sometimes a 22. Don't feel like I weigh this much at all! People would probably be shocked if they knew my actual weight.

    I'm 30 on May 29th, and I graduate from Uni in July this year, so I feel very motivated as you can imagine.

    My boyfriend and I love snowboarding, and usually go away each winter, this year I didn't want to go as I was going to be busy at University and running my business. If I'm totally honest though, I just feel way to fat and unfit to go now :eek: I don't struggle actually snowboarding, but I struggle to find clothes that fit and I feel fat and frumpy walking around in all my gear. Backache, knee ache etc.. I'm just fed up, I used to love it!

    Previously had a gastric band. I was this weight when it went in, probably 6 yrs ago now. I lost 6 stones with it, then I kept getting very bad regurgitation at night, a bit like reflux but actually bringing up fluid in my mouth (sorry TMI!), so I had to get the band de-filled. I started to regain as I hadn't learnt a thing about eating. :( Had the band repositioned but it made no difference. In July last year I had it removed, my choice, I was sick of the pain, not being able to glug water down and it was pointless sitting there. I paid for all of the operations privately and it's cost me £15,000 in total with the 3 operations!!

    Although that sounds like a horror story with all the money wasted and 3 operations that were very unpleasant. I have to say I don't regret it. I had previously been stuck in this fat body for all my teenage years, and I had about 2 years of being slimmer, I LOVED IT! I went out loads snowboarding, socialising and generally had a lot of energy and confidence. Loved clothes shopping, bought fashionable jeans and hoodies! Loved it.. I'm a tomboy, so I got away with being overweight by wearing jeans and hoodies, but now I'm struggling with my health and I'm determined to do this.

    I was 12st 4lbs at my lowest and a size 14 ish.. I'm 5ft 7", so I looked slim and I was very happy. Just want to get back to there.

    Boyfriend wants to go on a summer holiday in July and I do too, but I've avoided it before as I've been so unhappy with how I look! It's ruining my life! :mad:

    Started 4 packs a day today, VERY determined!

    I would like to lose 4 stones by my birthday (end of May).

    Sorry for the huge post. Just wanted to get it all written down.

    Boyfriend is very supportive, so is my best friend, but otherwise I'm not really telling anyone what diet I'm doing. Just going to say cutting back and exercising more. I live 200 miles from my home town and probably won't see my mum until my birthday/summer, so I want to suprise her! :p My sister lives in Australia, so I won't tell her until I've done it and she'll be so happy for me! :eek: Just want to suprise people, and secretly don't want to spout the same stuff of 'this time I'll do it'.

    Anyhow, feel free to comment etc.. I'll be updating once a day in theory!

    Gem x
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  3. Emmaparsey

    Emmaparsey Full Member

    hey gd luck today, here if u need any support. even though only on day 5 so new myself :)
  4. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Thanks Emma!

    How are you getting on? Are you in Ketosis yet?
  5. Emmaparsey

    Emmaparsey Full Member

    hey GEE im get on fine so far, dont really think about food anymore. i always find day one the hardest as its easier to cheat but after day one i dont want to ruin my hard work. yes i got ketosistix so know i am in ketosis and also wide awake all the time.
  6. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Yes, I get the insomnia too.. not too bad as I have loads of work to keep me occupied lol! But sometimes you just want to sleep..

    I've got some Ketostix from a while ago, they have been opened, so might give them a go later in the week.

    On my 2nd shake of the day, so far so good!
  7. Emmaparsey

    Emmaparsey Full Member

    ye mine are from last year and still ok, i cut then all in half to last longer and atm checking every morning till get dark purple like i had this morning and now i will leave it untill like once a week. just had my bar for lunch normally have it a bit later but my sister turned up with kfc so had to have it early, but resisted so thats the main thing
  8. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Well done!! I saw a disgusting article in the paper about KFC the other day, totally put me off.. something that looked like brains was in the chicken fillet instead of chicken breast.. hope that helps! haha..

    I just had a drink of the Bullion, just tastes like vegetable cup-a-soup, so I'm happy with that. Meant to help you not feel faint as it has salt in it. I tend to get those hypoglycemic dips when I start a diet.

    I didn't order any bars this time, just loads of choc milkshakes, some of the meals (spag bol, cottage pie) and the oatmeal.
  9. Emmaparsey

    Emmaparsey Full Member

    i wish i liked things like that would make this much easier, but i only like banana shake and truffle bar so things get very boring.
  10. kaceyboo

    kaceyboo Silver Member

    Hey good luck on your journey. Day 1 restart for me xxxx
  11. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Emma - do you not like the packs then?

    Pamela - We are nearly the same weight, hope you get through it okay! I struggle at day 4 and 5, so I'm prepared this time!
  12. Emmaparsey

    Emmaparsey Full Member

    no sadly not very fussy, end up having the same things everyday really. have 2 banana shake one truffle bar an with either egg salad or prawn salad for protien so very boring lol
  13. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Hi Hun

    Welcome to the forum, I have v similar stats to you (and the same first name ;)) Here to follow and support.

    I am 30 in march currently weigh 17st 11 (size 20) but was 18st 6 when i restarted on 1st Jan and want to get to 12st eventually to then maintain under 14st (size 14) I am 5ft 9 so I look fine at that weight and size

    Wish u the best of luck :)
  14. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Hey everyone, wow! so nice to have so many other people on the same wavelength!

    Well day 1 was okay! Felt a bit irritable and moody last night, just mourning after the Christmas chocolates that were on the coffee table.

    Had a bath to kill time..

    Couldn't drop off to sleep very well, but I expected that. Was so tired but my mind was racing at the same time.

    Just going to log what I ate;

    Breakfast: Cafe Latte Milkshake
    Lunch: Chocolate Milkshake
    3pm: Bouillon Veg Cup-a-Soup thing
    4pm: Choc Shake
    7pm: Cottage Pie with 200g of White Cabbage/Brocolli
    8pm: Bouillon

    I wasn't hungry, just felt empty, like there was something missing (not suprised after xmas!)

    Today I have a small ASDA delivery, got some swede cubes that I'm going to spray a small amount of fry light on and make the chips, but cubed chips! lol. Got some sugar free jelly that I've seen we can have half a packet of per day! Also got some Zero Noodles arriving today! So loads of things to have.

    Not sure if I can have Jelly, Bouillon & the Zero Noodles each day?

    Hope everyone else is doing really well!
    Gem x
  15. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    End of day 2.. feeling a little hungry this evening, I think tomorrow will be tough going.

    Food for today:

    Breakfast: Choc Shake
    Lunch: Choc Shake
    Buillon drink
    4pm: Choc Shake
    7pm: Swede done in the oven with a little FryLight, baked mushrooms (145g in total), Chilli packet, Zero Noodles.
    7:30: 1/3rd Jelly packet
    8pm: Tea with sweetners and skimmed milk
    Others: Black coffee/tea and 1 can of Coke Zero

    LOTS of water. Been in and out of the toilet all day! Will be glad when that settles down.

    Been going okay today, but this evening I have felt really hungry, growling tummy.

    DETERMINED to do this though!

    Went for a 30min walk earlier and felt great! Didn't think I'd be exercising this week, thought I would feel too awful.

    Expecting a bad day tomorrow and Saturday, but will soldier on through.

    Been imagining this summer at hopefully 12stone something. I'm so excited, but tinged with the usually feeling of failure... this time last year we booked to go Cornwall for a week and I was so determined and excited. I started a plan of action to lose 3 stones in 6 months, not unreasonable at all. Managed to eat between 1200-1400 calories a day for 5 weeks and in that time I lost 3lbs! 2lbs of that was in the first week, so for 4 weeks I only lost 1lb. I was logging everything I ate, so it just can't be right. Also tried Weight Watchers and gained 1.5lbs in my first week. I think I have a carb issue, and lots of healthy eating/WW/SW etc are heavily based on carbs.

    Main reasons for weight loss:

    Being able to buy and enjoy wearing Next jeans again!
    Not sweating at the slightest thing on a warm day.
    Wearing womens hoody's again that are fitted, and not mens.
    Wanting to go out for the day (I avoid it nowdays; no clothes I like; embarrased at my weight etc etc)
    Not having to pull up my trousers every 5 mins!
    Turning over easier in bed and not annoying the boyfriend with how much I shake the bed.
    Reduce snoring/possible sleep apnea.
    Reduce back ache/knee ache/neck ache.
    Reduce IBS issues.
    Enjoy going on holiday again!!! especially snowboarding which I used to love.
  16. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Wow I can relate so much to so many of those! Come on we can do this! :)
  17. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    We sure can!!! This is our year!! Do you have a diary WillPowerWoman?

    I think with turning 30 and my Graduation I just need to do it this time. I see you are an '83 kid too?

    Day 3 has begun and I feel strangely fine.

    I'm very lucky that I work for myself from home, so I have no massive pressures on me or work to go out to, also means I can eat when I want and make whichever packs I want to, so that's a real help. Back to University in February, so I'm hoping to have cracked the Ketosis by then and be okay, only in for a couple of hours each time though so it'll be fine.

    Just go my water so far today, didn't fancy breakfast just yet. Going to try the oatmeal today.

    P.s When I made my veg for last night, I did 200g raw food.. when cooked I weighed it again and it was 145g.. so I had a little cucumber later on.
  18. WillpowerWoman

    WillpowerWoman Gold Member

    Hi hun

    Yes same name and same age spooky! Yep I do have a diary it's just called willpowerwomans diary :)
  19. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Ah yes I found it :)

    So, end of Day 3, going okay!

    Felt hungry today, a little genuine hunger but mostly in my head I think. I'm still 100% though, so hopefully ketosis will save me soon.

    Food today:
    Breakfast - Oatmeal
    Lunch - Choc Shake
    Dinner - Spicy Spaghetti / mushrooms / swede / white cabbage / zero noodles
    Snack - Choc Shake

    Also: Half pack of Jelly/1 x Can of Coke Zero/Coffee with sweetners/150ml Skimmed Milk

    Struggled with water this morning, but managed to get 3ltrs in I think, which is great!

    Feel good, optimistic, but head hunger is there and tummy rumbling tonight.. started thinking a lot about food... :eek:

    Keep having negative thoughts like I'll never keep the weight off even if I lose it & I won't stick to it.. :mad: I'm happy enough knowing I can actually drop the weight, just lacking in self confidence it seems.

    Can't wait to go bed tonight, just want to sleep now, but feel too awake still.

    Hope everyone else is doing really well :)

    Gem x
  20. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member



    This is me last Christmas, was about 17stone 10lbs here.. felt so unfit and uncomfortable on our snowboarding holiday.

    Was shamefully gratefully when the weather turned bad and we had to stay inside for 2 days..!

    Never again, want to be thin and happy on the slopes!

    3yrs ago I looked like this!


  21. lorraineA

    lorraineA Silver Member

    Just read your diary and loved it ! So honest and lots I can certainly empathise with. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading how u do.

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