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anyone care to give me some tlc.


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Joined this site yesterday on day one of the CD. i have been very disciplined so far and really trying extra hard with my water drinking . tempted with my little ones left overs at dinner time but gave it to the dogs instead. as my hubby works nights , i wont cook for him til tonight , my teenager has just shoved a nice pepperoni pizza in the oven.

i have also just got my son to take photos of me , front and side views and they are not nice , so i am going to keep looking at them to remind why i am doing this. i am 5 ft 5, and wt 12 st 9 lb and can fit a sz 16 snugly, although my gut is hanging over my jeans like a right muffin top.

so here i am on day 2 , feeling hungry , had the spicy tom soup which was quite nice. drank about 1.5 litres so far.
i have been reading the threads and looking at the photo gallery and you guys have done so well. i am feeling a failure before i start .... is this normal ?
just for a boost thou , can anyone tell me how much i can expect to loose over my first week , and in the first month ?.
i dont own any bathroom scales so am going by how clothes feel.
when you guys lost weight was it noticeable quite quickly ? did your clothes feel loose.
i keep thinking about food, the naughty stuff..... my baby is wearing a brown cord pinny and orange top , she is so pretty but she reminds of a jaffa cake !!!!!
any words of wisdom would be very gratefully recieved. ( i can smell the pizza !!!!):sigh:
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Hello Mommysue
Yes feeling a failure before you really get into CD , I think cos you really don't know if you can do it . And thinking about food , well i guess you are just missing food . My first weigh in on CD was 7 lb but some lose 11 or 14 pounds . But really they say look at it a stone a month . Your daughter , don't eat her lol . Just go with it from day to day , its a rollercoaster ride :)
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Hi there

Please don't feel a failure before you start, all your feelings are completely natural. for the first few weeks I was constantly worried that I would fail and not be able to stick with it but as time as gone by I have grown in confidence and really believe I can do this - I am sure it will be the same for you. The first week is the toughest and you will need to grit your teeth but it will be worth it. Losses in the first week can vary enormously but I think the average is between 7 and 12lbs. Thereafter it roughly works out as a stone per month but can reluctate between bigger and smaller losses week by week. Food smells can be the worst so if you have somewhere you can take yourself away to, read a book on your bed, so you can escape the smell - pepperoni pizza is just the worst, I have banned my hubby from having it!!

with love


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Hi mommysue,


Promise it does get much easier!

Once the ketosis fairy comes in a couple of days time or perhaps before...you will not feel has hungry and much better able to say no to food.

i keep thinking about food, the naughty stuff..... my baby is wearing a brown cord pinny and orange top , she is so pretty but she reminds of a jaffa cake !!!!!
any words of wisdom would be very gratefully recieved. ( i can smell the pizza !!!!):sigh:
Have to say this is the funniest thing I have heard in ages!!!

I nearly wet myself laughing!:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::giggle:

I am SSing and now on my fifth day of a restart and I can feel my bra getting loser.

And the same in the rest of my clothes.

They say a stone down for every dress size. I find myself it takes a little more than a stone to come down a dress size.

Well done on getting your photos taken as they are good to have and don't forget your body measurement as well and not forgetting the upper arms:)

I think most feel very insecure starting out especially if you have found it difficult to lose weight on other diets.

The first week you can expect to lose around 8lbs. sometimes more, sometimes less.

The guidelines for four weeks is a stone for a woman and a stone and half for a man, but in the first month this can be higher as you lose glycogen.

Try not to compare your weight losses with others as we all lose weight differently.

Best of luck on your diet journey.

Love Mini xxx
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Hi I have just done a week and lost 7.7lbs. Yes you will have ups and downs and on Friday I broke SS but not with anything too dangerous. I am realy proud of the loss and see that other people do lose loads more to begin with. BUT remember how long it took you to put on the weight so you can't expect it to fall off overnight. Yeah we want it to but have to be realistic. Mind you it does come off a lot quicker than it took to put it on.
Stay strong
Hiya mommysue.....i'm srry but your post made me laugh bout the jaffa cakes lol but seriously it is normal to find it difficult during the first few days but look just re read your post you have resisted the temptation to leftovers and yes you can smell the pizza but you came on here to post about it rather than give in and eat it now if that's not willpower i dont know what is!!!! Just keep reminding yourself why you are doing this....some people find it helps to stick their fat photos on front of fridge work drawers etc is there any particular motivator to keep you on track? For me it's my wedding and ive got a pic of me in the sample wedding dress and all i can see it my HUGE flabby arms and i do NOT want to look like that on my big day so that keeps me going when times get tough....just lil things like that build up into a mountain of reasons and willpower to change!

Hope you stay strong and things will get better if you stick with it xx