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  1. horseclutter

    horseclutter Full Member

    Hi, I'm new on here, I have been on lighter life program for 6 weeks and going well, however found counselling to be very dissapointing, weigh in due tonight however I am unable to go, phoned my counsellor yesterday and left messages, eventually managed to get in touch this morning and asked if I could come this morning as I need food packs, was told sorry its my birthday you will have to come some other time, luckily I can send my partner up to get them otherwise I would have been stuck, anyone else had problems with their counsellors?
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  3. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    well thats not good pay alot of money to do LL,Im only in week 1 so have yet to see.I hope you do well
  4. horseclutter

    horseclutter Full Member

    Thanks going well so far because I am determined to lose the weight , hope you finding it alright as I found first week the hardest, good luck, I am going on holiday next sunday for a fortnight all inclusive so that will be my test, hopefully I will stick to it.

    CAROLYNE42XX Failure is not an Option

    Sorry to hear your not happy with LLC. I think if you have issues with the counselling then you should report it. As I'lldoit says you are paying good money and the LLC should support you all the way or meet you half way.

    My LLC is great, Ive only rang a couple of times and left messages and she has always rang back. Shes great with counselling sessions also and I feel I get alot out of it each week and definately get my moneys worth.
  6. sarah5

    sarah5 Full Member

    was Lighterlife - moved to Cambridge

    I'm brand new here too. I've been doing LL for 11 weeks and my counsellor has really let me down. She does not return calls for days on end and even then she makes it very clear that she wants you off the phone asap. I have reached my goal weight (bmi 22) but she wants me to abstain for another 2 weeks before going onto management, says "I am running a business here and you committed to paying me £66 a week for 14 weeks", which I find very disappointing!!

    So in a nutshell.. yes I also have had problems with my LL counsellor. I think if you have a great and supportive counsellor then LL is fab and well worth the money.. if not, perhaps there is something else out there for you. I personally am switching to Cambridge and meeting my counsellor tonight, fingers crossed!

    Good luck everyone, I sincerely hope your LL counsellors are more professional than mine!!

    Sarah x
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  7. Flopster

    Flopster Got a life thank you!

    Lighter Life
    OMG that is truly shocking! I would be in touch immediately with head office if I were you.

    That is such a shame because I really think the LL Management programme looks fantastic.

    Let us know how you get on.
  8. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    My Goodness, Sarah - I'm really shocked at that!!!!

    It's one thing to appreciate that LLCs have to pay a lot of money out just to operate their businesses (far more than CDCs) but I'm astonished that she's being so hard-nosed when your BMI is 22!!!!!!!

    Good luck with your CDC but I think you'll probably find that she/he will strongly urge you to go onto CD1000 (as a start to maintaining) rather than SSing, as you now simply do not have the body fat to burn in ketosis and you could be at risk of losing lean muscle tissue.

    Very well done on reaching your target, though - you rock!!!
  9. minime

    minime Gold Member

    I went to 1st meeting yesterday and started LL today. I was disappointed not to have before photos or measurements taken, said she had lost camera and run out of time for measurements to be done so would do them next week. I've now had to ask hubby to take pictures and measure myself. Feel for £66 we should be getting what we are supposed to, but felt I couldn't say this at the meeting. Am I being unfair?
  10. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    I don't think you're being unfair, but she may well have lost her camera, etc. I think you would be well within your rights to ask for it to definitely happen next week - she has time to organise it all in that time. :)
  11. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    It doesn't take a genius to work out that I love LL but at the same time I am very tight with my money :eek:

    We are so crap at complaining and hold people to account in this country. At £66 a week you should expect and receive a second to none service.

    If you don't get it then you should raise this with your counsellor in the first instance. Remember that there is a right and a wrong way to complain. Choose a private moment if you can or phone but don't have a go in front of others because you won't get the best results otherwise.

    If the worst comes to the worst then complain to head office. Remember that others are going to going into LL after you at £66 and wouldn't it be nice to think that you are doing your good deed for the day in the hope that things improve for them at least?

    Having said that, it doesn't matter if you are paying £66 or 66p, if you are being sold a service at whatever cost and promised a certain standard then you should receive it or throw a tantrum...just joking :p

    CAROLYNE42XX Failure is not an Option

    I agree with Chicken. There has been lots of meetings at my Group where time has run over and it just is not possible to do everything.

    I do think though, that the first picture and measurements should have been priority. If the Counsellor had lost her camera then she should have either borrowed one or bought one of those Kodak throw away thingies as a last resort.

    Our Counsellor has been a bit laxed in giving out freebies - we had to wait about three weeks for our exercise balls and had to keep reminding her but eventually we got them.

    The only thing I was disappointed in was that my initial picture taken when I joined LL by the Counsellor had become corrupt with everybody elses and basically we had no pictures to compare our final pictures to. The LLC apologised and asked for everyone to bring in a "big" picture but I haven't got any from the waist down as I was always the one taking the pictures.

    I think as a precaution you are best to take a front shot and side shot at home sooner rather than later and also do your measurements, just in case then at least you've got it.
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