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Anyone doing Flex??

God the ww board is quiet!!! lol
I have just signed up online to try the new ww flex plan, haven't done ww since pro points, which i didn't like. I did have lots of success on the old points system about 20 years ago though!!!!!
So is there anyone else out there starting the new flex plan, and if so how are you getting on???
My first day has gone well, i've had baked oats for breakfast (4), lentil soup (1) with a chicken salad thin (3) for lunch, a spicy fish stew with rice and veg for dinner (15)- this was quite high in points as i used a kit from simply cook and the little pots were 9 points and it used coconut milk as well!!!! Thank god fish is now free!! I had some tinned peaches and skyr yogurt (0) for dessert and supper was 2 poached eggs and 2 slices of toast (4)
So i've eaten loads and still have 3 points left, new rules mean these will get carried over into my weeklies.
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Hi, I signed up to WW online on Sunday and am doing flex. Really enjoying it. I use loads of beans and pulses in my cooking anyway, so am happy they'e now 0sp.
I am on day 5 now, haven't cheated once, and haven't needed my weeklies (yet!) Good luck to you!
Yeah i'm delighted eggs, chicken, fish, and pulses are now free, all things i enjoy so hoping this will be easy. Keep seeing a lot of people commenting on the ww site that they hate flex and had a gain on it, hoping that won't be me!!! Trying to be super sensible with the free foods.
Good luck to you too, hope you get a great 1st week loss xxx
Yeah me too. I think it's probably always like that when there's a change though! Xx
Today is my first day doing Flex. It was a last minute decision to join yesterday so I’m not very organised. I was planning on doing a bean chilli in the slow cooker for tea tonight and luckily that’ll be 0 points so will just have to point whatever I have with it, prob quinoa.
I struggle with breakfast anyway, I don’t know what to have. We’ve got oats so simple in but it’s quite high in points. What sort of things do you have for breakfasts? I need to get a plan together and head to Asda before I go to work.
I like overnight oats. I use 40g porridge oats, mix in 0% fat natural yoghurt. LeAve in the fridge overnight. Then in the morning add sweetener and mixed berries. Only the oats are pointed at 4sp.
I like overnight oats as well,but i add the fruit, sweetener etc at night as well and give it a good stir. I've been having baked oats at work this week, 40g oats, fruit, yogurt , 1 egg and a teeny bit of baking powder all mixed up together then baked, or in my case microwaved lol. You could have eggs and toast and just point the toast, or a veggie omelette for 0 points. Bacon medallions are low, (3 for 1 point) with egg on a sandwich thin maybe?

Well my second day has gone ok, i had banana baked oats (4) i put some of the maple flavdrops (0) in it to give it a bit more taste, then i had a frittata made from last nights leftover veg and salmon with 200g new potatoes added worked out only 2 sp for half served it with salad (1) for dressing, dinner was shepherds pie (9) with lots of veg, and i had a chicken salad ww wrap for supper (4). Snacks have been fruit, i've eaten some grapes, 2 satsumas and 1 apple, wondering if i should cut back on the fruit? With my breakfast banana thats 5 pieces.

My mum phoned me earlier asking did i want to get a takeaway tomorrow night, i said no, but decided to look at point values online. Searched for a few things i like from the chinese but nothing came up for most of my searches (chicken fried rice was one??) and it says a chicken chow mein is 32 sp!!!!! I thought that was bloody high lol. It has stir fried vegetables listed as 13 sp, surely there can't be 13 sp worth of oil used???? Thinking about buying the eat out book now, might have a bit more info in it!!!

How have you guys got on today?
Pleased you're getting on well. I had a rubbish day yesterday, and ended up at the biscuits, so I have now used all my weeklies, but not gone over. 2 more days til my weigh in, time to refocus!
As long as you didn't go over it's all good!!! Just be 100% till weigh in and you'll be fine xx
I'm off work today, i have plantar fascitis and my feet are soooo sore, i decided to take a day off and rest them see if that makes them a bit better. I went to a Steps/Vengaboys concert last weekend and the hours of standing, walking and jumping about has made them 1000 times worse than normal!! lol This is one of the reasons i rejoined ww on wednesday, i think my weight is what has caused it in the first place.
Take it easy! Have a good day x
Hi How are you finding flexi, have the daily and weekly points changed and how do you calculate what you should have. Does the new calculator tell you xxx
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Yes you get less dailies to account for the free foods, not sure about weeklies as i just rejoined and haven't been a member since pro points. It looks like everyone had lost about 6-7 points a day. I don't think there's any way of working out your allowances unless you go to a meeting or join online. I don't have a calculator as i have the app just now but looking at a pic of it i would say it only calculates food points and nothing else.
Thanks i know on the calculator from last year you put all your info in and it tells you what your points are, someone told me you can work it out on the app but not sure. Good luck with it xx
Anyone doing flex who can work out my points i have a calculator on order as i think that works it out for you but it will only come thurs very quiet on the forum xc
So the last 2 days have been good, was really hungry yesterday so decided to do a no count day , I had 2 wholewheat sandwich thins both with a bacon medallion,an egg and some mushrooms and spinach on them, sooo filling, lunch was a piece of leftover shepherd pie with veg, and dinner was wholewheat spaghetti with homemade pesto, chicken breast, broccoli and green beans. Dessert was fruit salad with skyr with some strawberry flavdrops and sweetener added, this is the first time i've used the stawberry one and i was really impressed, turned the skyr into lovely strawberry yogurt. I also had some popcorn that i popped myself with a bit of sweetener on it and 2 squares of dark chocolate while i was watching telly.
I did wonder if i had overeaten so switched the app back to tracking just to see what i would have used and i actually used more points doing no count but as i had only estimated the weight of my pasta portion and the popcorn i switched it back to no count and used the extra points to be safe.

Today i've had 2 small slices of toast (4) with half fat butter (1) 3 x scrambled eggs and mushrooms (0) for breakfast, a ww wrap (4) with chicken salad (0) lentil soup (0) and fruit salad and yogurt (0) at lunchtime , then i popped to marks and spencers to get a few bits including the skinny burgers for tonight. Dinner was a bit of a mammoth one!!! lol I had a 1.5 skinny burgers (3) in a thin (3) with 20g cheese (3) salad and homemade coleslaw (0) some markies sweet potato fries (9), these were nice but not sure if they were 9 sp nice!!!, i also had 2 markies beer battered onion rings (4), now these are also high but totally worth the points in my opinion!!! lol
Only used 1 weekly which i am pleased about, i still have 34 left to last me till wednesday, unless i have a nibble on something else tonight!!

My feet feel a lot better today, the day off yesterday must have helped, going to try and motivate myself to go swimming a couple of times next week, hopefully speed up the weight loss a bit!!!

How is everyone else getting on???
Glad you'ryou're doing well. I love sweet potato fries! I make them myself though, just peel sweet potatoes, cut into chips, place on baking tray and spray with fry light. Sometimes I add paprika, then bake for 25 mins at 200°C.
I have just finished my first week. Used every daily point allowed and every weekly point too (and no more), weighed in this morning and have lost 12lbs!
When do you weigh in?
OMG 12lbs!!!! You must be delighted, we’ll done!!!!
I don’t weigh till Wednesday, hope I do even half as well as you!! Xxxx
I sometimes make my own sweet potato fries too but they never get nice and crispy, the frozen ones have a coating on them that crisps them up!! Not sure i would spend 9sp again though, daughter might be eating the rest lol
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