Anyone doing Lighter Life Lite?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Lite' started by SuzieSuze, 29 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Hi all

    it seems very quiet in here so I wondered if anyone wanted to join main here? I need help on this journey as I head into week 4

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  3. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Hi - I'm not sure if anyone else is doing it. :) I have done LLL in the past (after a long period of LLT), so if you have any questions, do post ^^

    Right now, I'm doing sort of a mish-mash of my own thing, replacing my meals with foodpacks, but on occasion adding a small handful of veg - or using zero-noodles for fibre content to my evening meal! Also having the milk allowance.

  4. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Have I been bad?

    I have just had some v8 vegetable juice. I had a small evening meal as I was in a rush out so felt I needed something when I got home. While out I stuck to water and did not eat anything.

    I could not see anything in the ingredients that I am not allowed and obviously it would be different if I had drank the whole litre but is was just one glass.

    So have I gone off plan?
  5. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Generally if you can't see anything in the ingredients that you're not allowed to have - it's not completely "off plan". But then the juice counts as your vegetable portion for the day. (I'm assuming it has no added sugar / citric acid in it?).

    I wouldn't recommend having the whole litre because of the calories - you are still meant to have less than 850 per day. I would also suggest not having the juice instead of the vegetable portion because of the fibre - you need that fibre content from your vegetables to 'get things moving'.

    On Exante and Slim&Save (which are very similar plans) drinks without citric acid are allowed (up to 600ml per day) - so if you're desperate and sick of water (like me) here are some alternatives to save the veg portion for dinner! :D

    (Copied from the Exante board)

    Coke Zero
    Asda Diet Coke
    Dr Pepper Zero
    Green Tea
    Peppermint Tea
    tescos own strawberry water
    Sainsburys strawberry and kiwi sparkling water

    Asda Cola Zero (No Citric Acid and even better no aspartame)
    Sainsbury's Flavoured Still Water (Raspberry & Cranberry, Peach, Apple & Blackberry)
    Sainsbury's Diet Cola (No Citric Acid or Aspartame)
    Sainsbury's Classic Diet Cola (No Citric Acid or Aspartame)
    Sainsbury's Classic Zero (No Citric Acid or Aspartame)
  6. Crisstella

    Crisstella New Member

    Hi! My name is Kristel and i started Lighter Life Lite yesterday. Last week i was doing the Lighter Life Total and it wasnt for me. I was hungry and very grumpy :( Since i work as a Nanny , its not fair on the children when im in a bad mood. I am very happy about the change to Lite. I had porridge and vanilla shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch while in cinema and lovely salad with tuna for dinner :) Im glad ,that i can have milk in my coffee again :) I would love to loose 4st before my holiday in july.
  7. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Hi Kristel, maybe we can help each other through this journey! My OH prefers that I at least get to eat with him in the evenings but as he does the cooking I have to watch he does not accidently use any banned foods just from force of habit.

    BTW I started to train as a nursery nurse but discovered I was scared of children and if they can smell fear on you they gang up and take you down!! Okay I am exaggerating but I had choose a new career!

    What day is your weigh in?

  8. Rubywoox

    Rubywoox Member

    Lighter life

    i will be starting tomorrow with Lighterlife, not sure how much I weigh I will found out tomorrow
    i keep posted
    I'm not sure what to expect. Can anyone let me know what I should expect tomorrow on my first day
  9. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    It depends on your LLC - they're each their own franchise :)
    You can probably expect to watch a cheesy video. Then have a small one on one with your LLC, she should take your measurements - with a tape measure. She'll take your height and weight and assess your BMI. She should also take a picture of you: of your 'Before'.

    As for payment - you may be asked to pay upfront for a few weeks in advance for commitment purposes. I'm not sure though - I'm sure Suzie can confirm as she's been through the initiation much more recently than I have. :)
  10. Rubywoox

    Rubywoox Member

    Hi minerva

    thanks for the advice I will let youh know how I get on tomorrow
  11. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Hi sorry for the delay in replying as I have been away but Minerva is 100%. You might not be able to join into the group sessions right away as they only accept new starters at the start of a 4 week module but you will be able to start on the packs as long as your BMI is under 30.

    They are changing the packs so the total calorie content is greater than 600 for four pack which I think it to allow those with a BMI greater then 30 be able to do the diet without having to get medical approval.

    The classes cost £15 a week and the first time my LLC allowed me to pay it each week but she now asks us to pay £60 up front for the 4 classes

    Feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Rubywoox

    Rubywoox Member

    Hi suziesuze

    I went for a consultation on Sunday the consultant talked me through the programme eTc
    I have my first group session tomorrow evevening I have to pay £60 upfront for the 4 weeks
    And my weekly food ppacks. I will keep you updated how I get on
  13. Rubywoox

    Rubywoox Member

    i have my first weight in today. i dont think i did well as i was ill over the weekend and ate some carbs :(
  14. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Let us know how you got on because I am sure you did a lot better than you think!
  15. Rubywoox

    Rubywoox Member

    Iv just got back from the lighter lite meeting, and I'm shocked I lost 6lbs.
    Im so happy
  16. SuzieSuze

    SuzieSuze Full Member

    Well done Hun! You already nearly at the heathy BMI!!
  17. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Well done Ruby! That's a fabulous loss in the first week!! :D

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