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Anyone doing SS +?


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Hi , I have ss plus and am doing very well. I have a shake for breakfast and a bar/shake for lunch then in the evening I have a piece of chicken or cod and 2 tablespoons (very difficult to measure) celery lettuce or cucumber. On Sundays I cook a sunday dinner for all the family and i have the chicken and brocolli and cauli. I feel that i am not missing out, like i did on ss. I have lost 14lbs in 2 weeks doing this. I am made up. PLus if i don't have a bar at lunch I have one after my evening meal then when the family are troughing ice cream I don't feel excluded.

Please note though I am 5'9 so have the meal instead of 4th shake.
Ask your CDC for some ideas, there is not a lot of choice but it is very welcome after the shakes.

Good luck


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Thats great - did your CDC give you a list of what you could have?
Anyone else?


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Forgot to say - your weight loss is fab doing SS+ isn't it. i was worried it wouldn't be as good but I guess if you do it right there is no reason you wont lose as its still Very Low Cal.


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Did your CDC give you a book when you started? The things you can have are in there, just in case she didn't I'll copy it here for you.

a) 120g chicken or turkey breast without skin
b) 190g cod, haddock or other white fish
c) 250g steamed tofu
d) 200g quorn
e) 180g tuna (in water)
f) 225g cottage cheese (reduced fat)


2 tbsp from the following

lettuce (all kinds)

I've found SS+ a bit of a lifesaver this time round. I start out everyday aiming to have an SS day but sometimes it's just not enough and I have an SS+ day.


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I think that because i am tall and fairly active the ss left me feeling quite shaky, CDC thought that my metabolism was shutting down into starvation mode. So the extra cals have actually helped me lose weight. I think the food list is in the little booklet
I'll type it here
120g Chicken, turkey breast skinless
190g cod haddock or white fish
250g steamed tofu
200g quorn
180g tinned tuna in water
225g low fat cottage cheese
all the above are uncooked weights

you can also have two 15ml (tablespoons) cooked or raw
that's it , not brill but better than nowt!


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In the booklet for step 1?
Will have a re-read.
Thanks so much for posting the list - I think I'll get some emergency chicken in just incase as i can feel myself being drawn back towards food!!

I go back to work in 3 weeks (on mat leave at minute) so might have ss + meal at lunch time so I'm not hassled by colleagues - I'm starting a new job so dont know them at all to be able to tell them straight!!

Thanks again.