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Anyone else 5ft 9in?


Slimming down the aisle
im 5ft 9ins, private mesage me and i'll give you my dress size at each weight, would like to know yours too to compare x
I'm just over 5'9". At 17st 6lbs I was a size 20ish I'd say. I was wearing size 18 clothes but deluding myself! At around 16st I was a size 18. Now, at 14st 5lbs I'm a size 16. I probably still couldn't fit into a pair of Topshop size 16 tailored trousers though, but on the other hand I'm wearing size 16 trousers from Sainsbury's at the moment and they're huge on me :D. I do have measurements from the start until now for a more accurate view of my size as clothings sizes aren't always the most accurate reflection of actual body size and shape!

I'm an hour glass shape, at my top weight I was a 38G, I'm now a 36F or there abouts.


Slimming down the aisle
Hmm I'm not so sure that a goal of 13st 7lbs is going to be any good then, think I'm going to have to go lower!
rather than fixate on weight, why dont you try to get to the dress size you wna tto be and then see how much you weigh


Slimming down the aisle
Well that's what my point was really. I don't want to get to size 16 and stop there, so if I got to 13st 7lbs and I was a 16 I'd keep going. Don't really have a set goal, will just stop when it feels right for me.
Although I think BMI is a load of bobbins, for my general "goal weight" I picked the top end of the "healthy" or "normal" weight for 5'9" which is 12st and put that as my goal with the intention of seeing how I go. I've never really had a fixed goal or any mini goals or even dress size goals... I've just sort of been solidering on and hoping to lose a pound a week to see where I end up. I'm not a good goal setter :rolleyes:. But my intention is to try and reach that goal in however long it takes, see how I feel and look and decide whether to carry on or maintain.

We're all different in how we carry weight though, it's tricky to know what to expect!

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