Why are we fixed on what the scales say


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Why do we get obsessed with what the scales read.
I’ve been just over 11 stone and was a size 14/16.
I’ve been just under 8 stone and could get into size 8.
I’ve been 9 stone since 2012 and a size 10.
I am just a couple of lb over 9 stone now and my size 10 are a bit tight.

The only difference for me is I don’t exercise like I was doing so my shape has changed back to having more fat on it. Now if I was and I will be next week exercising more I can loss the fat and replace it with muscle and still stay a size 10 and the same weight.
So I think the scales can be unhealthy for you the lower the weight you get as you obsess with what they read and not how your clothes fit.
We are all different so comparing yourself to someone else is not healthy as you’ve got to look at the whole picture of height, build and metabolism.
I was just thinking about how thought I was fat size 16 (the old 1970s size 16 - ie more like a 12-14) and 12 stone. I'd love to be that size again tomorrow! For me the scales really help track my progress. So I am good with them.