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Anyone else a Scales Addict????


Back On CD.......
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Hi Guys.. :D

Wanna know if I am not the only one who is addicted to the Scales!!

I get weighed 'EVERY' morning after a wee, then find myself weighing myself at times of the day which is stupid!!! :confused:

I weighed myself the other morning lost 2lb which I needed to get off, then I had a litre of water, went to the 'loo', then had a shower, got dry, weighed myself again lost another 2lb, :eek: next morning got weighed that 2lb loss never showed!!

Does what the scales say affect your mood that day??

I must stop it!!! :rolleyes:

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100% all the way!
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I think I'm the complete opposite! I only weigh once a week as I would get annoyed if I weighed myself and hadn't lost anything etc plus I'm afraid I would get obessed with them! So I'm actually scared of the scales if you like! xx


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Hey Kelly..
I think this is so normal....... when I first started cd I was a scales addict!!! I am the first to admit it.. I would get up in the morning go to the toilet jump on the scales..... then I would put something on jump on the scales to see the differnce.. Then throughout the day I would have a shake or some water and get on I would go up......
THEN!!! when I went to the toilet I used to hop on again, and this used to carry on throughout the day..
Now 21 weeks later......... I go on first thing.. and sometimes in the evening and that is it!! LOL we can get soooooo addicted as long as you dont get to bothered by it, its ok but if you get upset if it keeps changing then its not worth it..
I only count my loss on the official day I have weigh in!!


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I weigh myself every morning. In the long run, it wont do me any good if it shows no losses, I could get despondant. I keep telling my hubby to hide the scales but he forgets..lol.


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I weigh every morning, occasionally during the day too. It's nuts really but so exciting when you see a loss!


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I am exactly the same as you Kelly, I weigh pretty much every morning and then thru the day too, like you say at silly times and I feel so crap when it shows a gain, even if thats gone the following morning! I did say to my hubby yesterday though, I will be happy at whatever loss I get because at the end of the day its a loss :)

I had my weigh in today and now I am going to move the scales to stop temptation!



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we have scales in the house, but i dont go near them!
I'm happy with my weekly weigh in as i know that i would get hooked and miserable if the scales didnt show a loss.....and my CD scales are the ones i have gone by from the start so anything in between is kind of irrelevent so i just see it as a waste of time....
it will keep ou motivated at the start when the weight is falling off you hun, but when it slows down then you need to slow the scale hopping down too.....
and only ever pay attention to the CD weekly weigh in's...


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I weigh first thing in the morning after a wee and before I've had water/coffee. This is the weight I use. Occassionally it won't shift for a couple of days, sometimes 3 then usually there's a drop but I don't let that get me down as I know that's the way my body works and if I stick to the plan it WILL come off.

I never weigh myself again later in the day as I know with all the water etc there will be an increase and that would get me down (even though I know it's not weight) so why bother!!!!

If you could limit yourself to at least a morning, naked, post wee weigh in, it might help? Good luck with whatever you do hon, you've lost so much and are so close to goal which is so fab!!! And that's what counts! :)


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I am guilty of it too! At first when I started ss I only go weighed by my cdc because I wanted it to be a suprise, but now I go on most mornings, especially if I feel thin! My home scales are rubbish and last week it looked like I had lost 10lb, but when I got to WI it was only 2lbs doh! Think I must invest in some new ones......


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I weigh myself every morning but I wouldn't say I'm addicted (maybe in denial LOL). It's nice to see the weight coming down but I don't worry too much when it doesn't budge. As long as I'm sticking to the diet there is no way that I won't lose weight. Last week I stayed the same and I was a little disappointed, but guessed that the weather had something to do with it. This week it seems like it's going to be a really good loss so it all evens out in the end.


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guilty here too! Every morning without fail but I think I am going to have to try and stop. I've just done my first week on the CD and of course the weight loss has been pretty fast. Now I'm starting for 2nd week it will slow down so I should try and restrain myself from going on the scales.
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I am so with you on the scales addiction, i've been exactly the same weighing myself everytime I go upstairs. The batteries ran out a couple of days ago and i'm trying my hardest not to buy new ones because I know a suprise at the next WI will be best!


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Guilty as charged. I weight every morning after I've had a wee. But I never weight during the day, all the water weight will make it look like I've gained.
But I go by my offical WI on Fridays. My daily wi's are just to check how I'm doing. I love seeing the numbers going down daily.:D


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I threw the scales away when i was pregnant. I became really obsessed with pregnancy weight gain (or lack off it). It wasn't healthy!! But i am really curious on a daily basis so if i want to weigh myself i have to set up the dam wii fit. it takes a good ten mins or so. the bonus is coz i've spent the time doing it i feel obligated to do some of the bits on it so its probably doing me some good!!!!!
Yep, guilty here too! In my first week it was sooo exciting as i was losing 2lbs a day! Then just before i had my first weigh in with my cdc i though i had lost 9lbs and her scales said 7lbs and stupidly i felt really disappointed! I tried very hard not to do it this week so i was suprised when i had my weigh in. I find it can affect my mood so i am reeeaaaaallly trying hard not to! I am around 11st 2 at the mo and i am sooo excited to see a 10 something that i may try and resist then have a peak around monday time and see if i am near the 10's then.

My cdc is on her hols for two weeks now so i am having my own offical weigh in next thursday and will write that on my card.

BUt yes, it is def v v v addictive! xxx


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i weigh myself every morning after a wee and naked, but i only count my tuesday weight at my official one.

i seem to lose less during the week and then on a sunday night i seem to drop a couple of lbs, its funny, i dont know how that happens.

i will be weighing in every day once i am at goal too. never weighing myself when i was growing up was my biggest problem, i never realised how heavy i had gotten!
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I am a scales addict, but I do only weigh myself in the morning after a shower and wee.... it used to affect my mood, but now I am so close to goal (have actually reached it on my scales), the fluctuations dont matter so much to me, I need to maintain and I know that the scales will vary day by day...


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I weigh myself every day as my CDC and I agreed to use my scales. It's really disheartening as I'm only shifting 0.2lbs or so each day this week. The scales even said I went up 0.6lbs from yesterday morning even though I've been 100%. I know weight loss slows down the second week, so I'm hoping that I'll lose a couple of lbs before Monday.
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I am just as bad as everyone else and my scales always show a bigger loss than CDC's but I am used to that now.