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Anyone else buy clothes that don't fit them??


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I have a gorgeous dress that I bought in January in a charity shop hoping to fit into it for a friends wedding in April. I was an 18 and the dress was a 14. I'm now a 16 - the dress fastened for the wedding but was tight on the hips so wore something else. I'm hoping the dress will fit for my niece's christening in 4 weeks or if not, definately for a black tie party in September.
Yes Ive bought a couple of things that just need a little more weight off but i havent bought anything 2 sizes smaller yet ... Ive gone from a size 24 to a 14 ish but somethings are still a size 16 .. i dont mind as long as its coming off!!! I need smaller things to keep me motivated so i keep trying them on every few weeks and once they fit then whhhooooooopppieeeee!!! ha ha x


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I have had a size 12 skirt for a few years (that I was going to slim into), I am determined that it won't be long until I will actually be able to wear it.


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Wow, I don't buy clothes that are too small, but maybe I should have one item, just one - it would feel so good to fit into it! I don't know about anyone else but when I see sizes 12 and below I just think they're completely unreal, and I could never imagine wearing them.

I'm a size 18, and can remember once upon a time being size 14, but never anything smaller - must have been though I'm sure, I wasn't born this size! (my poor mother!!)
I've got practically a whole wardrobe of clothes that are a size or two too small! Some of them I once fitted into, some I have purposely bought for my goal weight.

I'm normally a 12 so if I buy anything new at the moment I usually go for a 10. I bought a gorgeous little summer dress from Matalan the other day and it will fit perfectly once i've lost a bit from my waist and hips!

I think it's a great motivator :)
I don't tend to buy clothes over a size smaller. I buy then when I can't quite get them done up or they don't look right yet. That's because my shape is changing so much and what I like on the hanger may not fit me even when I get to that size properly. For example shift dresses are everywhere to buy, but I know that because I now have a proper waist :D they don't fit anywhere.
Oh I so so do this. I find it helps me to get motivated.

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