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Anyone else doing the lighterlife lite?


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Did not want to read and run...

Well done on the weight loss and the chocolate:clap::clap::clap:

I Love the quote in your signature, so very true:)

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces:)

Hi mini, thank you.

It's like I've been awoken from a chocolate filled world and have realised that I do not need to be poking it down my throat every half hour!

I've always had this saying, "I have to have something sweet after something savour", meaning that I have had to have a dessert whenever I've had a meal. I now really don't see the need to which if you knew me in real life you would think I had been captured by aliens and brainwashed!!!
Hi Jen, I think there may be just us, but maybe others reading will be encouraged to start LLL if they are looking at different diets as I often see that people are viewing this sub board.
Hi - I just stated the LL LITE on Saturday 16 Oct. after a year+ on Weight Watchers... for some reason, the weight just stopped coming off even with a gym workout. I think I eat too much on the WW plan, I don't think I need all that food. Anyone else find that?

I am very big in to LONG TERM life plan rather than a Magic Pill diet, so interested to see how the maintenance of LL Lite works.

So far, I feel fine, a little headache today, but other than that, a little hyper. I have 2.5 stones to lose.
Hey, long time no chat!

I have posted a fajita recipe that we have had a couple of times and is really tasty, Would be tasty with quorn too!
Hiya, I not been around awhile but I am pleased to let you know that at my week 8 of LLL last Wednesday, my total weight loss so far is 21lbs!

I started at 12.4 stone and now weigh 10.11 stone which has made a tremendous difference to how I look and feel.

I've found it really easy to do and after the first week of losing 5lb I have each week lost 2lb with a couple of weeks of losing 3lb.

My skin is fabulous as when I first started I broke out in spots but now my skin is soft, clear and I have loads more confidence.

I have very weak enamel on my teeth and everytime I go to the dentist I leave in tears as they have been detiorating each time. At my recent appointment my dentist asked if I had been elsewhere to have them cleaned! My teeth are not Britney Spears white but since I have cut out eating the huge, and I mean huge, quantities of chocolate and other foodstuffs containing sugar my teeth have not detiorated further and look a lot less 'yellow'. Another plus point for my esteem.

I was wearing a mans belt for my jeans and am proud to say that I have had to add 5 more holes to take it in. That's 5 inches off of my waist!

I was a 34c bra size and haven't lost any weight from my boobs, just from my stomach, thighs and upper arms. Also my face and neck, which I am VERY pleased about.

I have a lot more confidence but sadly my feeling good hasn't gone down too well with certain people. I've been asked to stop by the boyfriend and he has mentioned that one of his friends asked him if he was the only man in my life! MEN! Think the ol' insecurity bit has hit him but I don't care, I feel a whole lot better than I have in a long while and I have no intention of meeting or looking for another man.

I want to lose weight to feel/look good for ME! So that when I go out I don't try to shrink inside myself and make myself be invisible because I embarrassed at being overweight. So sad that some men think I only want to lose weight to attract another man.

Anyway, it's fab you're still going strong Jen and hello to Carrie.

Hope everyone is well, I had a rotten cold and St Clements made with hot water is simply divine!!!

I've simplified my foodpacks to 7 nut fudge bars, 7 chocolate bars and 7 porridge. I often use half the porridge and half the chocolate ones and its lovely especially when it's cold and dark outside, very warming indeed!
Hi Jen, Ideally I'd like to lose another stone and see how I look and feel then and decide whether to lose more or maintain. I think my ticker is still wrong as it shows I need to lose 32lb which isn't right!!!

I'm not really sure what ideal weight will suit me as my body has changed with age and after having children. I was completely flat chested like an ironing board for years but I now have boobs albeit small ones and they must account for some weight.

I'm kind of thinking 9 stone would be good but that is just an estimate. So maybe route to maintenance around christmas time.

How about you?
Day 2 of RTM today. Still think I need to lose more, but I want to do it slowly with exercise and regular eating. I'm happy with my size at the moment as I'm not bulging out everywhere anymore! I'll see what happens, probably have to hit the Shakes again after Xmas!!!
Hi StAngelo,

Just wanted to say a massive congrats on your amazing weight loss. It's very inspiring. I've tried every diet under the sun and LLL is the only one that has worked for me. I had kind of accepted that I was always going to fat, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you tazyb.

Well done for losing 8lb, doesn't it feel good?

I took my friends dog out (chocolate labrador) and I was able to run around much easier and bend over to pick up her toy. Before I started losing weight I would just walk with her but now I am able to cavort around with her and run about and play football with her without puffing like an express train and it feels great. The dog thinks its brilliant too!

I'm on week 2 of LL lite and so far have lost 5.albs a d 5 inches! So far so good, I'm really pleased with how thlngs are going though I'm not in ketosis yet so still hungry between food packs and meals. I have just under 3 stones to lose, a scary prospect with Christmas around the corner... You all seem to be ahead of me so do you have any tips for the festive season? I have a whole week of parties in two weeks time which I need to get through! I love reading your posts and am intrigued... How do I set up my own ticker? I really like how you've set you signature up Muppetygirl!
Any advice gratefully received, but if not I'll keep reading your posts.

Good luck!

B x
Welcome Betty!

Sounds like you are off to a good start! Not sure if I can offer any advice on how to be good at the parties, but I don't seem to have the will power for such things!

If you click on any of the tickers it should take you to the website where you can set up your own. Then you cut and paste the code into your signature. You have to have a certain number of posts to get extra signature space. There is a good thread about this in one of the more general sections of the forum.


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i am thinking of looking at ligther life lite. what does your bmi have to be..sorry for barging in . i am trying to look at all the diets to figure out which one to try... sorry again