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anyone else feel deprived on CD??

hi all, well ive started CD again and im on day 3 (but only day 1 of 100% sole sourcing as i nibbled away day 1 and 2!) but now im feeling totally deprived!

i managed to cook dinner for my girls and DH, a dinner which i would normally be happily munching into as its a fav (but arent they all?!) and i didnt bat an eyelid and not once did i think about nibbling. but now i feel ill be totally deprived for the next so many months, how do i get out of this mindset? afterall im only depriving myself of a rotten diet that got me overweight in the first place!

i keep fooling myself i can follow WW but i always end up eating way too much so this way at least food is out of the equation.
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The Diet Guy
Is the diet a choice or a prison sentence to you?

If you see it as a positive choice then you'll enjoy the self control and the results.

If you feel deprived and cheesed off with it then you won't do it.

Therefore my advice is to make a choice to do it and realise the benefits of doing it against the benefits of not doing it.

oh my god!!

you are like a celebrity to me hehehe, ive read your blog and youre the one who got me started with all this VLCD stuff. thank you so much for replying with a great positive post!

in a way i do feel deprived but i know its only because im just starting and getting used to no food, this will pass.

ive got 3 little ones to live longer and healthier for, my choice is to stick with it this time for the few months it will take and be done with this fat suit for good this time, like you said blink and it will be done!

ive got your beleive you can, believe you cant quote in my kitchen, it makes so much sense. and someone else mentioned the 10 magic seconds, i done that tonight and it was such a help.

ps i really do think youve done totally amazing (as you know!) well done you, keep up the fantastic work. you are an inspiration.

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