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Anyone else feel like this ?

Hi all,

Its coming up to 8 weeks ive been on SW now. Im quite close to my stone award, but I feel like my weight loss is slowing down. Or shall I say its not been much weekly , just the random 2lbs or so. I would be happy if I lost 2lbs every week but its not that way. I was exercising last week and only lost 0.5 lbs. Im still trying to stick to the plan 100% but i tend to weigh myself almost everyday and I cant see changes this week and feeling on a low like i need a boost. I feel like I wont loose moe weight on SW , maybe my body has become immuned to it...

I dont know. Has anyone else done anything for a 'boost' ? Iw as thinking to do a week of cambridge...

This weight thing is making me feel dowwwnn :(

advise anyone...
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If your stats are right it actually looks like you are doing great! But if you want to try and up your weight loss a little more look for ways to change your eating around a litttle, increase your fish intake, or your superfrees, look at speed foods as well.

Also if you eat a lot of things like pasta n sauce and mugshots go for more homemade less processed meals and your weight loss may pick up.

I would rather lose weight really slowly than do a vlcd like cambridge but that is just me. (but i don't even think your weight loss is that slow as except for one week off plan where you had a sts and this week that was a half pound you have had good losses)

Tip #1 - bin the scales, it does you no good going on them every day - especially if its at different times, and they probably arent the same as the ones at group - just get weighed ONCE a week at the same time, same place then forget about it (and stop stressing about it - i'm sure that doesnt help matters.

Tip#2 - its a marathon not a sprint - and TBH your losses are fine - any faster and its just not sustainable. You've only been going 8 weeks and your average is probably about 1.5 to 2lbs a week which is spot on. Up to you of course if you want to drink milkshakes and drop a load of weight in a big hurry, then pile it all back on when you go back to eating food - personally I'd rather eat proper food and follow a healthy eating plan that sustainable and enjoyable.

Why the rush?
Your body will not become immune to SW. The plans don't stop working hun.
Your weight loss will slow down the less you have to lose - how much more do you want to lose?
I'm no expert but I don't think a week of cambridge is the answer. You may well lose but then surely you'll gain once you start to eat again?
Look at the foods you are eating - try to add more speed and superspeed foods in and only snack on the superfree foods.
Chin up and keep plodding on.
oh goodness. thank u so much everyone...I know theres not a hurry but in comparison to people around me , they all lost a stone in 6 weeks or so. I feel like im lazing around. *sigh* I dont know, deep down I know its silly to just try drop it off with cambridge coz it will easily creep up on me , but im so close yet feel so far from my stone award.

getting to target doesnt feel real for me. I see all the success stories on here and they are v inspiring but then i feel i cant do it because although ive lost I still feel down looking in the mirror seeing im still fat !

I think I just needed to get that out. And I need the encouragement to keep going. I always start of the week with high hopes, ambitions, but then im such a piggy i end up eating too much or not doing it properly !!
try not to compare yourself to others - i know its hard but everyone is different.

I have lost 3.5 stone and my best chum has lost 6 stone and my other girlie is nearly at her 2 stone. We have all been on plan close on a year so as you can see its all different.

All great advice.

I went through a few weeks of STS an followed the advice of everyone here i.e. fish week, super foods.

It worked for me and now my losses are steady.

Stick with it and you will get there.
superfree foods are only fruits and veggies right. I dont know why but i find it hard to eat fruits...how do i snap out of this and just get eating that as snacks - when i do eat them , especially appls with something like yog , it fills me up. I just feel like its an effort to eat :S
i buy the prepacked mixed fruit - so melon medleys and fruit salads - seems less effort.....so either buy ones ready prepped - or make you own in the morning and snack all day :)



Less of a man each day
Definitely bin the scales. You've lost loads and are doing well. Stick to it. You can vary your plan a bit and see if that does anything, just ask your C about the options EE, Red, Green. I found when I tried mixing them up and doing different days that I had some good losses.
i buy the prepacked mixed fruit - so melon medleys and fruit salads - seems less effort.....so either buy ones ready prepped - or make you own in the morning and snack all day :)

why didnt i think of this in the first place. Youre a star ellebear .. thank you soo much :D:D:D

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