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anyone else go off the rails at weekend

hi there everyone - what a weekend i've had and went totall y off rails.

ate well on sat but must have drunk about 50 syns or more - was on girly nite out. then was at bbq yesterday and would not like to even count how many syns i had. weigh day 2mora and its only my second week but really feel it on my belly today. so expecting a gain 2mora now.
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sounds like my weekend ...lol minus the drink but added in takeaway!:confused:
i have till tuesday to sort it out lol....
i TRIED to be good.. i really did,,, but my dad bought me a 4pk pinaple bacardi breezers when him n mum came to ours for BBQ ... oh dear lol i weight tommorow also.. i am PRAYING and staying as much free food as i can lol


Too big to fail
yup. Guilty.
Takeaway and booze both Saturday and Sunday night.
glad i'm not only one just peed off with myself - if cant manage during second week how the heck am i gonna manage in spain - going in 2 weeks for 10 days.
me to im afraid..guilty as charged lol! I have been to a christening and a bbq over the weekend and had thai food! Back on plan today though. My wi is on wednesday im sure i have gained but its my own fault x
me to very annoyed with myself came out of wi went to gym worked really hard did the garden loads body magic then I go and spoil it all after tea with a t/a and chocolate and ice cream then sunday I started off good but failed myself gain by tea time again.
very annoyed with myself weighed myself today and I have gained 3lb so alot of work for me esp as its my first wedding annivasary on wed.
any tips to pull it back?
was gonna try no more syns now till wi on sat as I think this weekend covered my syns


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i am due on, so i am using that as an excuse for my terrible weekend! haha! Friday night i had a La Tasca (although did order quite well and didn't drink)

Sat we were at an all day wedding. drunk TONNES (Pimms, White wine, Red wine, vodka and diet coke, champagne) and ate lots (including two desserts! BAD LOU LOU!) and Sunday i was hungover, so had a bag of crisps for breakfast and then we went to a BBQ. I went to tesco to buy healthy sausages, burgers etc but it was all sold out, so ate terribly again. and then went for an Indian last night *shakes head*
I'm annoyed with myself too. Went out for the day and planned food. I refused the extras that friends had bought for the picnic and stuck to my sandwiches and fruit.

Got back late and hungry....the local Chinese and Off License got the better of me:break_diet:

It's only my first week too:eek: I've just come over from WW after being on it for a year. I was cheating every weekend on that too so it looks like there is no hope for me:cry:

Must try harder, I'm sick of having to cover up in the hot weather and choosing darker clothes to try and disguise my blubber.

Ooops sorry end of rant:D
god dont know how the diets will cope if my have great summer all year - 1st sign of sun and the bbq is lite.ay gonna try really hard today to stay on plan and do as much exercise as poss.

anyone else gonna do anything different....
I went slightly off the rails too this weekend as well.

Had a chinese takeaway on Friday night although i chose well and only went over my syns by 2 for that whole day.

Saturday i had a couple of southern comfort and cokes though so that pushed me over.

That doesn't get me down though as i just get right back on it! I'm looking forward to finding some bbq recipes that i can use that will keep the syns low.


Will be thin god dammit!!
I went totally mad, bbq x2, picnic with drinks, choccy, more drinks
I feel like a total idiot :(


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Yes, me too. I've been shocking. :(

Friday - meal out, starter and mains. No pud though.
Saturday - Chinese take away (with all the extra bits and pieces), what I wanted not what I should have had. Then a medium bar of galaxy.
Sunday - Lunch out including pud and a half a packet of malted milk.

Next weekend we're going to friends for a meal, and then the weekend after we're away for a 3 day break.

If I can even just STS over the next 2 or 3 weeks I will be over the moon. :sigh:


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me too! no BBQ's for me but i went out for a mate3s b'day on
saturday - italian so really SW friendly menu, however carraffe of red wine and what did i order? blinkin well quattro formaggi pasta, no not just one cheese but four!! and of course parmesan on the top as if it didnt contain enough fat... why do we do it?! still.. not going to let it throw me off track completely, ate really well yesterday saying i was a little hunover and upped my water intake loads, we'll see on wed though.
Dont lose focus people! i'm in my 7th week of SW and its around this time i start wobbling. but, i'm just thinking that one bad day/week isnt going to be the end of SW, as long as i can learn from it and move on, the worst that can happen is i reach goal 1/2 weeks later than i should've and thats a small price to pay in the grand sheme of things! xx

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