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Anyone else got a partner that smells?!


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he doesn't really (- hes a very clean bloke in fact, to the point of obsession at times!)
but i'm really struggling at the moment.

when i started LL i was worried about smelly side effects i might get ,but haven't had any at all.

thing is when he has eaten something i can smell it on him for hours and hours afterwards - to the point where i have to open windows/sleep facing the other way etc.

He loves garlic and spicy foods (as do I ) and after he eats these i can't go anywhere near him for days!

this diet is doing nothing for our sex life!!!

He thinks i'm being silly, but it really is turning my stomach.

No one else can smell it on him!

to be fair i must point out that its not just him - people at work, my kids if they have eaten the same all have this effect on me!

Has anyone elses sense of smell become really really sensitive???
daisy x
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Did not want to read and run but found your post intriguing chick...I have not experienced this but if its only since you started on your diet that could be the reason. Things change when you diet but I have no idea how you will get around it...xx


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yes,bless him - its only since doing LL (and its not just him, its everyone i meet!)

he smells like a rose normally ( a very manly rose, obviously!)

daisy x


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Hi DD - Heightened sense of smell happened to me when pregnant. Not noticed it as a side effect of LL diet though. I remember being very aware of good and bad smells. Wierd.
Yes Daisy

It does make you so much more sensitive to smells, for me spicy food and alcohol seem to be the worst. Cigarette smells are also terrbile, but luckily no-one in my family smokes.
I realised when I started RTM that when in abstitnence we become not carbon neutral but odour neutral almost. Obviously no smells from food, I had vey little body odour, hardly any f*rting or p**ing smells either. It was almost like body shut down.
So I became more sensitive to other people's smells and now I don't like the fact that I'm gradually becoming more smelly again myself! I have avoided garlicky spicy food recently for that reason whereas prviously I was first in the Q.


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He loves garlic and spicy foods (as do I ) and after he eats these i can't go anywhere near him for days!
I find the smell of garlic off people who have been eating it very powerful but if I am eating it myself then I don't seem to notice it.

Hi DD - Heightened sense of smell happened to me when pregnant.
Same here!


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Have exactly the same problem Daisy! my poor OH brushes his teeth about 5 times before bedtime and our house is full of odour eating candles etc.


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Maybe ask him politely to not eat garlic as often?
It could just be a psychological thing, you're just more aware of how food smells because you're away from it. It's not a natural smell that YOU have on you anymore.

Personally I can associate it to smoking... I gave up smoking about 2 months ago, and I did not realise how much I stank of it until I stopped. I smell it on others now, I smell it so much more when someone is smoking on the street - and it's making me want to wretch as to how BAD it smells.

It's like.. you're more aware of things when you're not a part of them anymore.
I have found this happen to me, but I agree with Minerva that it's (probably) mostly in our heads - the smells have always been there, it's just now you are paying attention to them.


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Yes. When daughter and her boyfriend were staying with us they were always eating very smelly and spicy foods curries, Moroccan, Chinese etc and they stank for days! Glad they've gone now!! OH can have his moments, especially with garlic. As these all come out through the skin there's no point in them brushing their teeth either.

As for cigarettes!! I gave up 4 years ago last week and the stench from a hundred yards away is bad enough to make me change direction! Even going to the supermarket or shops can be bad now as smoking husbands are 'parked' outside and you have to walk through the noxious cloud.

I'm sure I wasn't this fussy before the diet so that must be it.


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I'm glad its not just me, lol!


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Oh my god, I so agree!! My sense of smell is very similar to when I was pregnant, and it's like I'm super sensitive. People in shop queues STINK!! I can smell on OH what he's eaten when he walks in the room and I can be 16ft away!!! I can't allow anyone to eat garlic in the house, or onion for that matter and have banned them until I can eat them again I'm afraid, as it makes me retch, or have to sleep with all the windows wide open in the middle of winter. Can't bear the smell of LL chocolate shake!! EUWWW!!!

I asked OH how much he'd had to drink last night because it smelt like a brewery in our bedroom this morning, but he'd only had a few bottles of lager. Windows were thrown open to try and clear the smell.


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take one peg and apply to nose, problem solved ;)


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LOL - exactly the same as you Daisy. Can smell all food and drink from 100 yds away!


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I'm another one who feels their sense of smell has become much stronger, but I actually quite like it, getting wafts of food that people are eating, perhaps weirder still is that I really like the smell of cigarettes lately, I gave up 5 years ago!

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