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Anyone else hate the meetings?


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I find them a total waste of my time. I LOVE the eating plan but why are the meetings just going around everyone in the class to find out what they have lost this week? At least at ww meetings they had a theme each week and I felt we actually learnt something new. Shame as I much prefer doing sw
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No, I absolutely love the meetings.
It's not a case of going round finding out what people have lost or gained that week, it's about supporting each other and getting support from the consultant.
If someone is struggling then the group can offer suggestions. If someone has had a fabulous week or discovered something new then that can be shared with the group.
We had one woman who was struggling and when talking it through she realised she was having 2 B choices and not 1, an easy mistake to make that's true, but she wouldn't have realised if she hadn't stayed.

I think I've said before that you get out what you put in so if you have some great ideas for recipes or snacks etc then share it with the group :)

I love meetings and in over 3 years now, I've not got bored of them.
i dont like them either .. i usually WI and make a sharp exit, i cant see the point in me staying for the ins and outs of who's lost or gained .. if it was full of recipe idea's or motivational stuff then i'd stay but its really not
^^^ How do you know if you don't stay? Ishould be full of ideas and motivation if people stay to share. If everyone leaves there's no-one to discuss.
I don't get it?!
^^^ How do you know if you don't stay? Ishould be full of ideas and motivation if people stay to share. If everyone leaves there's no-one to discuss.
I don't get it?!
I stayed for the first 3 weeks then the C starting texting saying the meetings would run longer as she was doing 'body shop parties' in the run up to Xmas..dont get me wrong i like the girl, she does send us lots of inspirational texts through the week i just find the meetings a bit samey :(


Now to maintain.....
i agree with jaylou...i love the meetings!
on first impression that may seem like all it is - it did to me in the first week- but if you stay you'll find out its not.
theres always someone who gains who will have no idea why and leaves knowing why after talking to group,theres always new ideas and tips that come out of it too.

and statistically the people who stay to group lose at nearly double the rate of those that dont! you cant argue with that.
and whilst theres no formal recipie bit or anything you can always bank on someone saying oooo i have to tell you i made this its so easy and lush and then share how they did it etc.


Now to maintain.....
i honestly have lost count of the times ive left group thinking 'ooo im going to try that',thats a good idea etc.....and i honestly think it the meetings were structured into a recipie section,exercise section etc then more people would be put off than would like it as you'd be under pressure to say something or there would be nothing some weeks.
a wealth of information comes out of the casual way it is done...you might not think you are interested in something yet you hear it and think oooo!!! and it gives you new information to try that you wouldnt have heard otherwise.
give them a chance...looking at your signature you havent been to many,it takes a good few weeks to settle in and feel at ease there too and that makes a big difference.
I used to go to meetings, some years ago. I found them a) tedious and b) counter-productive as I nearly always went on a huge binge straight afterwards and only managed to get back on the diet two days before the next meeting - in an attempt not to look a complete idiot at WI.

I think I have a bit of an anti-authority streak too - the mere fact of having a set of diet rules laid out by someone else and given to me by the counsellor makes me feel negative about it lol.


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I love the meetings too, you can find out lots from the target members and new discoveries everyone has made, If ive had a bad week its nice as everyone helps you get over it and move on!
At first I found it quite clicky but now ive been going awhile Its become like a little refuge for a few hours to have a good natter (mind you I get to escape the kids hehe)!


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For me its the length of the meeting, when I stay I do get better losses and enjoy it, its justs lasts for an hour and a half after going through everyone, which means by the time I get home and fed its time for bed! xxxx
I absolutely love my class. Our C never just goes round talking about losses/gains. We have a theme each week and I have learned so much from staying. One week we were discussing favourite SW recipes people had made, some were simple like a fry up, and others were more complex meals, but I got some really great ideas. We are only a small group, although getting bigger as we seem to have new people coming every week. We talk about different things each week, and I can't wait to go every tuesday.


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Well it sounds to me like it depends on your consultant!!! Ours is a lovely bloke but literally he goes around everyone in the class "how much loss this week/how much total" everyone claps and thats it.

Yours sounds good Mummy helen
So if someone has had a gain doesn't he ask them if they know why and if they need any help?
That's what should happen and that's when the information and advice can be shared.


I love meetings I even go a bit early so I can have the first 1/2 hour to have a coffee and a chat.

We discuss new food finds, tips and where the bargains can be found. Last week we had a small discussion about how to change up our HE's and she had plates with ideas on.

We still do the usual loses, gains etc but while we discuss those, things come up in conversation so its quite free flowing.

Our consultant says about not staying "its like buying a ticket for the pictures and not staying for the film"

I find class very fun and useful. I do agree with the idea that you get back what you put in.


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can't say I hate the meetings (my group is fun and we have a laugh and they included me very quickly considering I started there on my own) but I so agree that they are so samey and boring just listening to who has lost what - and when you get the ones who HOG the C for 10 minutes and they go on about how they've put on but they know why because it's all the voddy's they've drunk this week etc - I find that quite demotivational for new members in particular.

I too preferred WW 'talks' and demo's - where the C actually made stuff for you to try or bring in different types of apples and pears for you to try -

SW C's could do the same - maybe make a couscous cake (OK I know they're NOT particularly recommended - and debated time and time again) - but bring in couscous maybe with different roasted veggies in for you to try - people stick to what they know and I know that I only ever used to eat granny smith apples until a WW C brought in lots of different types of apples and pears and now I eat a variety !

Sorry to hog the thread - I think the meetings could be really motivational - maybe we need to write to SW and make some suggestions - I think they'd have more attending the talk if they did make it more interesting.

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