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anyone else have this trouble

there's someone on here who starts the day in the evening so that her evening meal is the first meal of her ww day. Would that help?

Or maybe more distractions in the evening would help? Exercise machine should help or a bath?

If you're busy during the day, maybe that's why you don't eat badly then?

I always make sure that I have a few points for chocolate - current passion = creme eggs (3.5pts) and it seems to be enough to stop me wanting anything else. Do love a custard cream though!

best of luck finding the answer


Loves Norman Reedus
I think for me its a bit like trying to give up smoking, (i dont smoke). but i have been told that the best way of giving up smoking is not to cut down but give it up all together and then the craving will eventually go. maybe thats what i should do. i cant seem to stop at one, unless the packet is empty.
For me, it's when dh is home from work (he works away in the week so I only see him at weekends) and we usually have gorgeous comfort food, a really relaxed atmosphere etc

I'm not saying he is to blame at all, I'm the one who put myself like this and I'm the one who is going to change this situation , but it's like I associate the comfort food, like Pizza with dh.

Does that make sense?
Hi Tara, the more you deny yourself something, the more you want it - the madness of being human (and a woman!)

Plan some custard cremes into your day and then maybe you won't want to spend your points on them after all.

Its great that you have an exercise machine. custard cremes are not the worst things calorie wise - so decide that you will earn them then eat them...work off 60 cals then eat a custard creme - then you are always neutral.

or as someone else has said...cut them out altogether and go "cold turkey" xx


Loves Norman Reedus
thanks for your help. i think i will go 'cold turkey' and hopefully the craving will go. it isnt just custard creams, this was just an example. I think that i will buy a bar of my favourite chocolate and then work it into my eating plan. (dark chocolate with raspberries hmm).
Well now dark chocolate - that's a whole other story....

I buy some from Aldi which is lovely and only 2.5pts for 25g bar.

It looks like a big bar but its 5 little bars inside. Perfect and its the first thing I put on my ticker in the morning so that I know its in the plan. The food can work around it...

85% cocoa one (the one with orange and almond is 3pts per bar and is also gorgous) Not seen one with raspberry.
im exactly the same as you - if i think i cant have something then thats when i really want it!! have a large white toblerone from xmas that keeps calling my name!! have had 1 triangle today which was gorgeous!! but at 3pts for 1 thats all i can have!

hope you get it sorted hun - im sure you will x

suz x
Why not try keeping some zero point soup in the fridge so that you can just heat up a mugful as soon as you get home and stave off some of the cravings? Butternut squash makes an awesome zero point soup with a great sweetness to it.


Loves Norman Reedus
i tend to make a low point soup with butternut squash and sweet potato (points) but it is absolutely delicious. i do take that to work and just to use a few more points i put in red lentils. i love home made soups.

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