Anyone else lose weight really slowly?


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Hi I only lost half a pound my first week and then 2 pounds the second. WI on Wed.

Whenever I diet, I never seem to lose massive amounts and am sticking to it 100%. I had 2 consultants look over my food diary last week, and they said it looked spot on.

It's disheartening when I hear how much some people lose in their first week, and even subsequent weeks :(

Anyone else lose slowly?

I take antidepressants for anxiety, and swear my weight loss has slowed since taking them. I have also tonned a good 4 stone on in 4 years, partly with over eating and too much alcohol, but it still piled on really quickly!
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In the old story of the hare and the tortoise, I would be a tortoise! I'm losing on average a steady 1lb per week. I've been on SW plan for 14 weeks and lost 14lbs, in that time I've had a sts and a couple of weeks I even had small gains, although I've stuck 100% to plan even over Xmas and NY.

Don't be disheartened by it - 1lb a week is a healthy way to lose weight. Furthermore it gives your body the chance and time to shrink back better. I think people who have also been serial dieters would agree, that on SW we are hoping to change our lifetime eating habits and I think a steady slow loss sort of eases us into that.

Keep your chin up and remember that no matter what you are losing weight and that surely is a good thing! :)


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when i was on antidepressants i put on 5 or 6 stone!!! :( it sucks! and my friend who is bipolar has gone from a size 12 to an 18 since being on meds.

i thought it would fall off when i finally stopped taking them but it hasn't....and that was 3 years ago!

2lbs in a week is a good loss. imagine if you lost that every week! that'd be over 7 stones in a year!


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This is me too and i find it so very disheartening. I stick to it 100% and loose little. I think i could deal with it better even if my 1st WI was a bigger one but even that is small.
It doesnt seem to matter what diet ive tried, its always been slow and i do get fed up with watching everyone around me loose really fast when i know i am trying my hardest.


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I don't tend to get disheartened by it. I think if I can stick with it (and I definitely can!) then because every pound is so hard fought for, it helps make me more determined not to go off-track. I can't have that extra little treat or a night or two off, without paying a hefty price, so it stops me from getting a bit cocky about the diet.

Every pound off counts! If we can lose weight slowly yet still stay motivated to keep on dieting doesn't that show that we are very strong motivated people! I say - go us!! and I shall whoop in a very american talk show manner :rotflmao: :p


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Now then, I was disappointed with my losses the first 2 weeks, infact 3 weeks really! But things seemed to get better for me!! My loss has gone like this: 1)1.5lb, 2)1lb, 3)2lb, 4)3.5lb (happy!!) 5)gained 1lb(unhappy!) 6)3lb(ecstatic) 7)2lb, 8-10 (Christmas)1.5lb(quite happy!) 11)4.5lb(orgasmic!) So after a slow and disappointing start, all these losses have added up to 18lb and I'm really happy with that! I know people who lose 3-4 lbs for a few weeks then give up completely and pile it back on because they've done it all too fast and obsessively and can't take the pace!! I'll be more than happy if I take a further 11 weeks to lose the next 18 lb! I'm a quarter of my way towards my goal and I know I'm going to get there!! Enjoy it and don't see it as a race! I'd definitely rather be the tortoise than the hare!!X


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Yes, I am a slow loser, usually just a 1lb a week but I have managed a 1½lbs the last two weeks.

I do take medications though that hinder my weight loss, but as long as I keep losing I am happy with my slow loss, I don't get disheartened by it all, at least it is staying off.


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A lot of people lose slowly, they say the loss will be easier to maintain this way!
However, I'm a psychology student working for community adult mental health at the moment...and a lot of the patients I see have put on significant amounts of weight since taking anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. Your definitely not alone in this! You must be doing very well to be loosing at all taking the medication! If its really bothering you, you might be able to speak to your Care co-ordinator or Psychiatrist or GP about changing to one with less weight-related side effects? (Be aware I think theres very few with none at all.)
However (little disclaimer here), I'm not a doctor, infact I'm not even training to be a medical doctor, i'm training to be a psychologist. So definitely speak to a professional about it before you make any decisions or changes if its really bothering you, thats my advice to you!

Good Luck xxx


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The way I look at my weight loss is this....It's taken me 36 years to get to this reach my target, at 1 lb loss per week, it should take me about 2 years. So, 1 year of SW for every 18 years of eating crap food.....I can live with that ratio.

As for poster Help: - What kind of inspiration? Welcome help? - There is a 'sticky' thread at the top of the page (written by Squiddie) called 'slimming world advice for newcomers.' That is very good.
Recipe help? - have a look at the slimming world recipes threads. Or have a look at peoples food diaries.
Weight loss inspiration? - Read some of the weight loss diaries (and see how other people are coping. I can thoroughly recommend 'Dave's diary' - aka. Laddiesboy).
Hope this helps, and was the kind of 'help' you were looking for. ;)


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I've lost at a very slow pace, 1lb a week with the VERY occasional 2lb and very frequent STS's. I made a decision to not get upset because other peope lose more quickly, I just plodded on and here I am 9st 7lb instead of 16st 6lb.
People tend to ask how long it's taken me and I say ages because it's good for peope to know that not everyone is going to have a big inspirational speedy weight loss story. I tell peope who ask how I did it that it took time.
I think it's fine that it's taken me a long time because now I feel that SW is really a way of life, and that some of my very bad eating habits really are distant memories.
I'm not on any medication, Im just truly a slow loser.


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Last time I did SW I lost weight slowly, before I gave up I was only losing 1 1/2 lb a month. Maybe its my age or maybe I don't move enough, or maybe my portions are too big! The main thing is don't give up as it will soon go back, as I've learnt to my cost.


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Me! My losses have never exceeded 2lbs any week and that was the steady 2lbs a week for the first few weeks and since then it's been mostly 1lbs. More recently it's been harder. There was an element of being only 80% on plan and not 100% which clearly never helps, but generally I work with the plan and include exercise.

The thing is - don't give up! xxx


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my weight loss has always been approx 1lb a week, but it all adds up, mate. It has taken me 22 months so far, but slowly 6 stone has gone.

You have to live through that time anyway, so even if you are losing slowly it WILL come off (check out my photos on my profile- I am proof)

Good luck, sugarlove


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I am a very slow loser too, it has taken me 18 months to lose 2 1/2 stone. That works out at less than 1/2lb a week! But I'm still here and still losing weight slowly but surely.

I try not to get depressed about how long it has taken and think positively about what I have achieved. If I hadn't started sw who knows where I would be now weight wise!


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Me too.... In the past I've always got disheartened when I've seen people around me losing 3 or 4 pounds a week (sometimes even more!), and have given up, claiming that I'm just not meant to lose the weight.

However, this time round it's different for me. I'm losing an average of 1.5lb per week, and I can see where that'll have me at specific points during the year. I figure that's the way my body likes it, and as long as I remain serious about losing it, it WILL keep coming off. I also hope it'll make it easier to maintain once I reach my target (if I ever make the decision as to what 'target' is for me!) as I'll only have to make very slight adjustments to my eating habits.
I've accepted that it's very unlikely I'll ever be Slimmer of the Week or Month, and have stopped trying to be competitive about my weightloss, as that doesn't work for me.

If you keep at it, and keep focussed on why you wanted to lose the weight, it WILL come off.

Sending hugs your way xoxox


I lost 3 lbs in my first week. Last night was my second weigh-in, and I only lost half a pound. Last time I did SW, I lost ok in the first 2-3 weeks, then slowed down to half a pound a week. Last time I was demotivated enough to stop doing it, this time though I am determined to stay on track. SW has to be a new way of eating for me, not a diet. Even if it comes off slowly, at least it is coming off! And it's not like I have a choice - I have to lose weight or there will be serious consequences for my health.


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Phew i know that one oh too well.My average losses after losing the first stone are 1lb per MONTH !!! but it is still a loss. Anything ib the right direction is a bonus xx


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Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed to this thread, it makes me feel much better and that I'm not on my own being a slow loser. I know it can be quite disheartening especially when you know you have been 100%, but slow and steady wins the races and if we lose our weight slowly we are far more likely to be able to keep it off long term. Well done everyone and keep up the great work xxx


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thanks a lot for the replies. They have really encouraged me to stick with plan and aim to lose 4lb per month if I can. It all adds up in a year to quite a lot!

It also seems that there are plenty of other people out there, who lose weight slowly. It's good to know it's not only me, as I was finding it very discouraging hearing about other members massive weight losses, especially when they have not stuck to plan 100%.

Our new consultant was also giving a talk last week and was talking about how 7lb off in the first 2 weeks, should be quite achieveable. Think it's going to take me closer to 2 months, but hey ho :)

Good luck to all you slow losers out there!