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Anyone else not eating??

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I'm not looking forward to WI tonight and not because I've been "naughty"...well ok...a teeny weeny bit but mainly I'm worried because I'm not eating! You'd think that was a good thing but I know, after all these years of dieting, that you HAVE to eat to lose weight!!! but in this heat I just cannot be bothered :( even with salads, it just seems like too much effort so I don't bother!

I don't have bad snacks in the house so I've been picking at ham and yoghurts and basically that's all I've eaten for the last FOUR days! :(

Anyone else the same?
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Mrs V

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Yes me! This heat is getting to me! Well the gastric band anyway! It was the same when I went on hols to Egypt last year....the heat made me really struggle to keep things down.
Just keep drinking water and snack on the healthy stuff thats all I can suggest Hun, but dont worry about weigh in, there will be plenty of other members that are in the same boat!

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i sts this week for this very reason~ its way too hot for food......


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er.............no! lol

Nothing EVER puts me off my food
Glad Im not the only one :p

I find I sometimes think "I can't be bothered" but then convince myself that I will stick to my meal plan.
I find it helps to keep things chopped up in the fridge -at the moment I have 2 different sorts of melon, pineapple,peaches, grapes and a box with carrots, celery, peppers n cucumber in so even if I couldn't be bothered to make a salad I could throw a couple of hand fulls of them on a plate with cooked meats or a jacket , and the fruit is easy to pop in a bowl (stops me living with my hand in the fruit bowl -mindless munching);)...
I pack hubbies lunch when I do dinner -so I quite often plate one up for myself too -saves faffing the following day-even though Im at home ;)....
Im afraid tonight Im doing cod with parsley sauce, steamed potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauli -I just do it a little later when its cooler :D


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I think as long as you're not going hungry, then it's probably fine.
S: 18st0lb C: 16st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st6lb(7.94%)
hmmmmmm....well I'm off to WI so we'll see what the outcome is!

I've tried with the pots of fruit salad and salad already made up and in the past few weeks it's been ok but this week.......argghhhh!!!



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I don't find i'm picking as much as I used to, with the heat, i'm not so hungry, so just sticking to my meals.. just a planning thought, not to spend endless time in the kitchen cooking as that get's me in this heat. Tonight.. Cooking Egg Fried Rice, with chinese pork and stir fry veg with noodles.. and a big fruit salad straight after as on EE.

I think if you've not been bad, you would have lost something anyway x


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Erm ........ unfortunately I never have a problem eating and probably wouldn't in a solar wind and I live in Scotland so the chances of not eating because I am too hot are kind of zilch! lol
S: 18st0lb C: 16st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st6lb(7.94%)
Well after all that I lost 1lb tonight! LOL Not much but a lot more than I was expecting/dreading!

It has cooled down slightly so I'm actually cooking at the mo. I've put some potatoes in for baking so all I've got to do is shove in the microwave and nuke them! :D


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I find the same, I lost 4lb last week and ate loads of salads and meat and fruit (on EE) this week its my '*' week, ive been good not cheated, but not eaten anything apart from a few bits of fruit for the last 2 days and ive put on 2.5lbs....

.... oficially depressed!