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Anyone else on Core?

there are a few ww ppl on here, dont know about core, im doing my own thing with slimfast an fruit. i did ww basic points bout 5 years ago and lost 5 an a half stone tho so i know you will be able to do it too. i put mine back on cos of my awful relationship with food.
aye I'm on Core this week - I swap and change between the two as I tend to get bored easily :) Core is great I have to say - I eat so much more healthily when I follow Core, though I am not a very good cook so I tend to eat a lot of the same things.

I have some odd shifts going on over the next week or so though, so going back on points as I can have more "mini" meals rather than sticking to the three main meals that Core allows. I'm a buggar for snacking when I'm working too - so easier for me to follow points on these occasions :)

make yourself a diary thread if you havent already - most of us know Core pretty well so if you need anything at all, someone will have the answer! :)

congrats on the weight you've lost so far too.. thats fantastic! How long have you been on the plan? xxx
Hi BeverleyG (again ;) ) and Blackwidow.

I see lots of Diary threads. Is that the best thing to do on the forum?

I've been on WW (this time :rolleyes: ) for just under 6 months (will be 6 months on the 27th). I was on Points, stuck to it and did brilliantly for around 6 weeks, then went up and down on the same couple of pounds, before getting really disheartened. Then I joined a meeting and did a little better, but still not great.

Then I got really depressed and decided to try Core as I was on monthly plan and I might as well use up my "last month". That was about 8 weeks ago and so far I'm loving Core. I love cooking anyway and trying new foods, and have a job which enables me to spend a bit of time in the kitchen (no kids ... yet!!) so I'm loving Core!! I'm happy snacking on fruit in-between and loving having big portions of couscous and pasta. I'm also even learning when I'm full, which I never thought would happen!!!!

Fingers crossed this time I'm not on a yo-yo again as I'm actually enjoying this eating plan!! :D

Waffle, waffle, waffle! :eek: How are you ladies doing on your journeys?
im doin ok, since mine has no strict weigh ins or pressure its only for my well being and no one else has any say which is what i need. i have bad habits when under pressure not to let anyone down lol. was 19 something (think like 19.10) 10 days ago and was 19.00 this morning, exercising on my wii fit most days. im pleased with myself so far.
game had loads the other day. it seems to work well, like a gym and a personal trainer in one lol. i do aerobic exercise like the jogging and hula hoop to burn fat and then do yoga to tone. hurts like hell at first just like actually going the gym so must be working. a few ppl use it on here and its so fun, specially if you have friends or a partner use it to so you can try to beat their scores.
I started on core an absolutely loved it, but with my current commute i find the points plan more flexible when I forget my breakfast or lunch - I still follow the principles of core meals though and use core recipes for my dinners, just within my points allowance.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hiya .. im a points girl at heart but i did follow core for a week and lost 3lb! .. Im restarting this week and am following Core! .. am stuffed after my lunch :) The main problem i have with Core is drinking enough water! lol
i love Wii Fit - its totally worth buying! I use it at the moment just to weigh myself haha, though i do try and do 30mins at least once a week on it :) i've decided to stay on Core this week after all, as I found out this morning I lost 9lbs over the last week, and also because I still have quite a lot of food in my fridge that I will only eat if I stick on Core haha! So I'm starting week 5, and have lost.. 10lbs already which I am so pleased with! Aiming for 1lb next week so it evens out to just over 2lb a week loss, so I'll be well on my way to my 10% of 23lbs before xmas :)
Hi Thursday Girl and welcome. We do like diaries on here so by all means start one - sounds like you are doing really well so far :)

I tend to alternate between points and core and have lost 1 and a half stone so far.

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