Anyone else remember Henry from Neighbours??


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Last night in Southampton. He was appearing in White Christmas at The Mayflower. I actually went down there to catch up with Lorna Luft who was also appearing and she took me backstage and introduced me to him. He was lovely.. I told him I had a crush on him when he was in Neighbours! LOL!
oh I remember him! he was one of my favourites:cool:
Ooooh! My best friend would be so jealous! He had (and still has) a HUGE crush on him. If I'm honest I have a little one myself! :eek:
OMG :eek: he still looks so gorgeous:p :p :p :p

I am so sooooooo jealous:eek:
Gotta admit.... he does still look rather hoooooooooooottt!!!:D
Wicked picture hun , Craig was down here in Plymouth over christmas doing 'white christmas' , i work in town which is close to the theatre and he used to pop in all the time !
Hope u had a lovely evening x