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Anyone else struggling after doing it for years?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Just rejoined SW for the third time :rolleyes: and have been doing SW for over 6 years.
Although I did well in my first week (lots to lose) I'm really struggling to lose and end up not having anything to eat or drink all day on WI day just to lose 0.5lb :cry:
What can I do? I drink loads of water, weigh my HE's, eat lots of speed foods but can't think of anything else to do!
C xx
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Cute, but psycho!
Have you tried exercise?

I've only been doing SW for just over a year but I'm starting to think that perhaps I should be doing so exercise to give it all a boost.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I do 30 - 40 minutes a day on the Cross Trainer plus about an hour of Wii Fit a couple of times a week.
Hi there. Yes I know just how you feel. What I did was really look at my food diary and mine were all pretty much green days. I felt that I needed to do something drastic as my body was so used to the green plan that it was shifting the weight very very slowly - like you - half a pound a week. Now the first time I did SW I did all green days and lost all my weight pretty quickly so I know that green days DO work. However, for me, I felt that my body had got too used to them. So I did something very drastic for me which was to go on all red days. This was very hard for me!!! That week I lost 2 and half. I now do a mixture but I tend to do green days at the start of the week and then red days toward the weigh in day. This seems to be working so far and weight has started shifting again. Maybe this is not the same for you but I would suggest looking at your diary and trying something different. Hope things start moving soon. xx
walking a bit more?
mind you, this week could be the last week of clement-ish weather!
and then it'll be getting dark soon too......
I'm a lazy sod myself but do believe walking is a great toning exercise and it's good to get fresh air too xx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Thanks - yes even when I wasn't doing SW I was living the 'green' way as that's how I lost a lot of weight last time. I did all red the first week - lost 6.5lbs then mainly red with the odd green/EE day thrown in and lost 0.5lbs last week and will have to go hungry tomorrow to get another 0.5lbs :( Don't know whether to go back to a week of green, or stick with red? :(

I'm rather nervous to go out and walk after work now it's dark - my fiance works away Mon - Fri so I don't have anyone to go with me. I know I should walk more.
Hi C,

I had followed Green days loosely for years (never measuring or strictly counting syns) and I had always managed to keep the weight off. Until January last year when the pounds had piled on and even following SW strictly doing Green days didn't work for me at all.

Eventually someone suggested doing more Red days, and from then on the weight started to shift. I am now maintaining at Target, and if I put on a pound or two, I know I've had too many Green or EE days and I switch to Red or Mix2Max.

I think it just helps to limit the carbs intake. Hope that helps,

Thanks - yes even when I wasn't doing SW I was living the 'green' way as that's how I lost a lot of weight last time. I did all red the first week - lost 6.5lbs then mainly red with the odd green/EE day thrown in and lost 0.5lbs last week and will have to go hungry tomorrow to get another 0.5lbs :( Don't know whether to go back to a week of green, or stick with red? :(

I'm rather nervous to go out and walk after work now it's dark - my fiance works away Mon - Fri so I don't have anyone to go with me. I know I should walk more.

i dont mean to be rude, sweetie.. BUT. why lie to yourself? why give your self that 0.5, when you know it's because you havn't eaten anything? I'd rather eat and sts, then know that 0.5 isnt real. It may well be, BUT.. if your starving yourself, you know that aint right.

Now, could your problem be that your having 1 day in the week were you arnt eating? I know everyone treats Wi as treat day, as do i .. BUT.. a few weeks ago, my wednesday treat turn into, a wednesday treat lunch and night, and then the whole day.. and then suddenly tues nighst before.

Now, each week i ahd 6 days to really work hard, BUT eventually that day off caught up on me. . as will your day of not eating.

not eating is as bad as gorging. Neither is any better for your body.

maybe swap your syns. we all ahve our fave syn treats, but somtimes it'd the change in syns that helps.

do you do any extra easy days at all???

and im gunna go ahead and say your bodys used to your exercise. Do you feel brave enough to swim? (i only say that cause i'm not lol!)
a completly different exercise approach could be benificial.

i only lose extra weight via exercise if i swim or do a gentle long walk, gym-like machines do nothing for me at all!!

Maybe you need a few days off.. to relax and eat what you want. give your self a boost of calories, so that when you give your body back all that fresh super free food, it apprciiates it more? i find if iv been really really good for a long time, it slows down and gets a kick start again if i ahve somthing really bad like a dominos! ( only once or twice in the year and half have i used this tactic to kick start my weight- any more and i'd have gained haha)

anyways, girlie.. i hope this helps.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Thanks all, I might stick with the red days for a while longer then :(
Yes, I know starving yourself is wrong, but I'm soo desperate to lose the weight for my wedding - and no-one understands why I'm not losing it as I have so much to go. I can't face my family & fiance saying I STS just 3 weeks in :( The first time I did it I was regularly losing 3 or 4 lbs a week even 5 months into it.
I've only been doing the exercise for 3 weeks (building up the time gradually) so I can't understand that my body's used to it yet? And no, I wouldn't be seen dead in a swimming costume, sorry.
I don't do EE - I did it for a fortnight earlier this year and didn't even lose 0.5lbs! My consultant swears by it and it's all that she talks about but I know it just doesn't really work for me - I only do the odd day a month where it's convinient because I don't know what I'm eating if I'm out/away.
I'm not too bad with 'after WI treat' night to be honest - I did get bad like that last time I did it, but this past few weeks I've just had something 'on plan' but with a piece of garlic bread or something small to a) use it up and b) give myself a bit of a break. After WI this week will be quorn curry with rice or SW chips & a mini naan.
I'm trying not to eat 'what I want' as I'll jack it all in and I really don't want to be a fat bride :(
I'm sorry - I feel like all I'm doing is making excuses - but I'd do anything I could to get rid of this weight. I'm really down after losing my job (I'm doing anything I can get at the mo) and my fiance now works in Scotland Mon - Fri and I miss him like crazy :(
it's too easy for me to comfort eat, but I can't go down that route so frustrated that as I'm being good it's not coming off! :(
Hun I know how you feel i really do but I want to encourage you to stick with it. This is no quick fix but you're on the right road! One step at a time - even for me half a pound at a time sometimes but like I said, it all adds up. If you feel yourself getting a desperate craving for sweet stuff then look for things you can have. Here are two things that'll kill your sweet cravings which I use regularly.

1. Large tub vlf natural yog. Whisk it into a sachet of sugar free jelly that has been made up to just half a pint. Pop in fridge to set. done! 2 syns whole bowl.

2. Tub Quark, tub toffee muller light, 1 sachet or 11g of cadbury highlights, some splenda. Whisk together. pop into bowls. fridge. done! 2 syns the lot.

Keep eating - don't starve yourself. If you do that then you are more likely to sabotage your plan and comfort eat. Go for free or low syn foods and fill up. Stick with red for a bit too. We're all here for you hun.



Cute, but psycho!
Last week I got my 4 stone award - this week I've weighed myself at home and it looks as though I've gained 3lbs. This week I've eaten chocolate (a huge box of malteasers) and just generally not been careful at all, mostly because I had dental surgery on Wednesday and have been eating what I can eat, not what I should eat.
I'm hoping, though, that when I go back on plan next week that I'll have a decent loss.

I saw a program once where this girl was on a calorie controlled diet but not losing weight. She said that she was 100% all week, kept a food diary and all sorts, but the program had hidden cameras hidden away and she was actually eating stuff that she wasn't putting on the food diary and wasn't really realising that she was doing it - you know the sort of this, cut and measure a piece of cheese but eat the extra bit...
Can you say, hand on heart, that you're 100% all week hon? I know it's a VERY rare week when I'm 100%
Yes I have been 100% as I knew I was going out Friday and Saturday night - and so saved all my syns for those nights and stayed within the limits I'd set, counting every syn. I know that if I'm not 100% then I don't have anyone to blame but myself - and I wouldn't be complaining about not losing. there will be weeks where I gain or STS, I know that, but just in the first few weeks it's disheartening.
I have eaten today as I had an interview so didn't want my tummy rumbling but I'll wait now until after WI for my Quorn curry & SW chips.
Hand on heart there isn't anything I put in my mouth without being counted - I don't have kids, so don't finish their meals, don't have many 'leftovers' that I don't use for another meal & so snack on, and I've got out of the habit of 'snacking' when I tried Rosemary Conley, so I'm rarely in the kitchen & have to make an effort to eat fruit (usually with/straight after a meal).
I'm just down generally at the mo, but we'll see what WI tonight brings. I think I will start green tomorrow and do some red at the weekend and early next week.
Thanks for your support.
Don't forget you had a brilliant loss of 6.5lbs in your first week! That is a huge loss. 1/2lb the 2nd week and you've lost half a stone in 2 weeks! I wouldn't call that a bad loss at all, I think you're doing really well!

I've been doing SW on and off for years too and at my heaviest, I actually stayed the same in my first week! That was a rubbish WI I can tell you ;)

Give yourself a chance, you've done really well in your first 2 weeks and your body is adjusting to being back on the plan. Stick at it, eat plenty of free food and don't get too hung up on the number. It is coming off well and slow and steady is better for you in the long run than very rapid weight loss.

My losses are slower this time around, but I am enjoying the journey :)
Thanks couteaux - I'm putting it down to WI day anxiety and just being down as my OH is away! I know I'm being good so no reason I won't get there in the end!
I lost 3.5lbs 1st week, 1lb following week, then sts and put on 1.5lbs. I've been really good too. I think maybe we just have to adjust. I'm hoping so. If I ahven't lsot this week, I will be so so down, and really close to quitting.

mumtheshopper - do stick with it hun, please?
I'm definately sure now I just get WI day anxiety. i was convinced I hadn't lost a jot - and I'm ashamed to say I lost 2.5lbs and got Slimmer of the Week! I just need to trust the plan and go with it.
Thanks for everyone's support! Looking for another good week this week as I want to get that stone off for a wedding coming up!
(How do I get the SW stickers on my signature?)
C xx

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