Anyone else unable to visualise


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Just wondered whether anyone else is unable to visualise themselves slim? I can't imagine myself slim and am afraid that this might psychologically prevent me from getting there!! Even when I first started uni and was just over 9 stone I never felt slim. I see other people who look fantastic and can never see myself looking like that. Sometimes I think that maybe I'll never be slim and that I'm always going to be like this, even though I'm losing weight now. Just wondering whether anyone else felt like this.
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I really struggle with it even though I've been close before. With SW the first time, I got down to 12 stone (168lbs and have one single pic of me like that......except it doesn't look like me :(
The worse thing was I didn't like me like that (and I was still 2 stone off target) as I could feel all my bones - ewww. But maybe I wasn't there long enough to get used to it.


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There's nothing i can do to visualise myself slim! your not alone. All i seem to be doing at the moment is putting weight on....not sure how im doing it though! im hopeful that one day i will be slim but i think i'll have to wait till i see it before i believe it!


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Nope i can't do it either. I think that's why I can't get on with the Paul McKenna Think Yourself Slim CS as I get to the bit where he encourages you to imagine yourself slim and I just can't do it!


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I too have the same problem, I know I have lost a lot of weight but still just cant believe its me that i see in pics etc and just cant see myself as a slim person.


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Same here!I have always been a "bigger" girl and would love to be able to think myself thinner but i'm just taking it a day at a time and hope that the longterm results are good;-)

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I think it's a case of our heads having to catch up with our bodies - if that makes sense?? I'm really trying to not have negative thoughts like 'I'll never picture myself slim' as I'm not sure how this helps in the long term, I think if I do this I'm basically talking myself out of losing the weight. Instead I try and change it to a positive 'I'm losing weight and getting fitter and healthier'! xxx


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i know exactly what you mean. this time i am going to take photos of my body at every stone and take measurements that way i can really see the changes that my body is going through. i've previously lost 2 and 3 stone then decided that my body looks the same as it did when i was heavier ...which is obviously complete b****cks!
No I can't - but then I don't really bother to try. I find if I think about things too much I never get started on actually doing them.

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I have never seen myself slim - or the way others see me. You know how people with anorexia see themselves as fat, when others see the reality. I see myself as being much bigger than I am, I used to say to my OH am I as big as someone I may see on TV or at the shops (someone I thought was the same size as me) and he would say no, and no he was not just being nice. Having lost 1/2 of what I need to it is only recently that I can see a difference and even now I sometimes have to look twice at my reflection. Do take pictures and look at ones from years ago. I have very few to compare as I do not like getting them taken but recently was sent some of me from 20 years ago - if only I could have told my then self how normal I looked and had the confidence I so badly needed then. Your head will catch up eventualy but the pictures often help see yourself differently.


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I gave up trying to visualise myself 'slim' many, many years ago. So I now imagine how it would be to be 'healthy' - visualise myself going for a run, walking up stairs without feeling out of breath - that kind of thing. I also don't normally think further ahead than the the next half stone (and I have many of those that I really 'should' lose!!). What I really like about SW is that they let you chose your own target weight and don't impose a range - if you want to be at target over your BMI, then that's fine! So for me, the visualisation comes for things like being able to enjoy the exercise more, getting into my wedding dress, being able to buy clothes from certain shops I've never bought from before. I figure that it's difficult enough to lose the weight without adding more pressure on myself in trying to see myself 'thin'!!!