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Anyone find it really hard getting back on plan after holidays?


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Hi everyone, I was doing really well up until my holidays. 2 weeks off plan eating and drinking whatever I wanted.

I am finding it extremely difficult to get back on track. I feel sluggish, tired, irritated and generally peed of with myself. Ended up having a takeaway tonight fell asleep and was too lazy too cook dinner even tough I had food in for dinner.

I'm starting to worry now is this it? Have I had my run at slimming world is it over I have another at least 8stone too loose. Can't help but feeling like a failure tonight. The me before holidays when I started was so motivated so full of energy once I got stuck into the plan. I loved it I didn't crave junk food after a few weeks all was great. It seems so far away again and I've to loose the weight I've gained now while on holiday too :(
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Of course we do....that what junk food does to your brain!!! You can get back on track of course you can ...take it a day at a time...think hi you felt yesterday and today when you wake up say i am getting back on plan today ...your body will crave the junk you have been feeding it for2weeks but that wont last long ..tomorrow will be easier ...good luck
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Getting back on plan after a break is hard, but can be done. What I would do is just think about my next meal and how to make it a SW one. Once I've done that, I'll start planning the next one then tomorrow's and then next week's and so on. Once I've started, it becomes easy to carry on again.

Have you any SW recipe books or magazines around to look at for inspiration? I think the fact you're posting on here is a positive sign that you're about to restart your journey.


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You're not alone! I feel like this every time I am off plan for any period of time.

My best advice would be to take one meal at a time, get some mini goals in place, and cook your favourite meals to reignite the passion you had.

You CAN get back on plan and you WILL get back on plan - just have a little faith in yourself :)


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Hi everyone, thanks so much for the replies. your right I know I can do sw it's the only plan that has worked for me so far as believe me I've tried them all!

I'm going to have soup and a salad sandwich for lunch & a yogurt.

I think I need to go back over my food diarys and look at what I was eating before! going to make soup yummy meals this weekend I have a few magazines so will look though them also. I was at group on Wednesday and new book was there but I didnt bring my purse in just what I needed for class so didnt buy it but I will get next week :)
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Having holidays & then getting back on plan will get easier as time goes on, we've all been the same struggling on our return. What I do now is make sure I 'know' the minute I return from hols (the same day/next meal) is on plan, I also make sure I try & stay on plan as much as possible on holiday, using my syns on alcohol!!

I also order an online food shop to be delivered when we return from hols, that way I've no excuse to run to the chippy/Chinese/Indian!!!


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You can do it! I too found it a bit hard to get back on plan after holidays, but a few weeks of gains/STS finally got me so frustrated I was determined to get back on it. I find that the 'day at a time' approach really works. And plan! Personally I find that when I'm struggling it's best to plan meals that are entirely or almost entirely syn free, so that I can have treats as needed outside mealtimes.

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