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Anyone finding the gorgeous weather tricky business??

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
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Just wondered if anyone else out there is finding it hard to resist the urge to go and sit in the beer garden with a nice cold glass of beer/vodka/wine today??? For some reason, when the sun comes out to play, thats all I seem to want to do!
If anyone else is in this situation, my sympathy is with ya!
xxxxx :cry:
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I want Ice-Cream. It's my birthday in 2 weeks so getting an ice cream machine so I can make my own.

I have a little boy (2years old) so don't get to do beer gardens much any more :(

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
S: 18st11.0lb C: 12st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27 Loss: 6st9lb(35.36%)
I want Ice-Cream. It's my birthday in 2 weeks so getting an ice cream machine so I can make my own.

I have a little boy (2years old) so don't get to do beer gardens much any more :(
Oh i know what you mean! The temptation not to run out, clutching my pennies, when the icecream van chimes its bell is just tooooooooo much!!!!


Gold Member
yes and the constant BBQ invites do not help!!! haha - i am off out tonight, and already im dreaming of beer gardens and vodka!!! haha! x


Starting again!
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i would love to have a bbq this weekend, but i know ill just want sausages, and i dont have many syns left as it is!! lol
we also put a 12ft pool up in our garden, but my 19month old daughter doesnt like it so i dont get to go in and play :(
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i am deffo with u on this! Me and oh had a bbq this afternoon, sw friendly of course with quorn sausages and burgers and my 1 wholemeal roll as hexb, but just so depressing as all i wanna do is sit out with a nice magners or rose. had one malibu and lemonade but just feels like such a waste of 4 syns! just trying to think of the end results and that i so want to be able to wear a nice pair of short shorts and little top more than i want the alcohol!! (its not working lol!!) xxx


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I am at a loose end tomorrow, so hoping someone decides to do something non BBQ related haha!

I love sunny weather though - its just awesome!


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Hi all, i dont know how i did it this afternoon... i was with my OH and he wanted to nip into the pub on the way back from Tesco to give had in a price for some work they want done. So i sat in the beer garden that was full clutching my diet coke.. it was hard but i made it.. got to get through tonight now.. have family over for their domino's pizza night... ohhh it did help seeing this lovely slim lady in a maxi dress and thought i am going to be you.. wearing a maxi dress instead of a tent hahaha

keep up the good work, we will all get there..

Gem xxx

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Sorry to say but am sat in the garden drinking wine and enjoying the sun! Having SW KFC chicken for tea with a lovely big salad, mmmmm can't wait! xxx


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I also love to be sat in the beer garden with an ice cold magners right now, I dont drink alot, but i normally do like to have a few vinos or magners when the weather is like this, and dont get me started on the tempation of bbq's. The bread is the biggest killer for me! xx


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Beer isn't being a problem for me - never is - though if i'm really good tomorrow and have no other syns today/tomorrow - i do have a bottle in the bottom of the fridge i may have.

It's the ice creams that get to me in this weather - thankfully i sliced up 3 pineapples on Thursday and froze them and i always have a frozen muller or two in the freezer (oddly enough). I've even frozen a punnet of strawberries I had - to see how they go when i get around to trying them - possibly later tonight.



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Agree with BMIC as the hot weather makes me eat less and be outside doing more physical activity.


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yeah, I'm not an alcohol fan overall (unless drunk, then I'll drink anything!), havent had alcohol since october :O

I find I'd rather sit on my garden swing with a book and a glass of fizzy water in this weather!


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I was only thinking that today, what I'd give for a jug of Pimms! :cry:


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I had a BBQ today with homemade burgers, free kebabs and 0.5 syn sausages, I enjoyed my icy cold sprite zero and ate a jacket spud and other yummies. I think I can handle BBQs provided I put them on! lol


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Have drunk tons of squash today and not thought once about needing a drink....mind you hubbie was at work and I was ironing and washing etc so not exactly had the opportunities, mind you could have sneaked off for a quickie without him knowing lol :8855:
For BBQ's... make your own burgers from extra lean mince, take Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself Cumberland sausages 1/2 syn each (only 3% fat) and eat chicken but without the skin.....

you can still enjoy yourself at BBQ's if you're careful :)

Care Bear xxx

on a slimming mission!
S: 18st11.0lb C: 12st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27 Loss: 6st9lb(35.36%)
I hosted a SW friendly BBQ last night - i have quite a lot of them and just have free foods - but like i say - its the wanting to o out and mingle that is the problem for me - everyone seems to be up the pub in the beer garden and i am staying away from it because the temptation for a nice cold bevvy is just too much!
Youre lucky that pubs etc arent the done thing where you live BMIC, unfortunatley, where I live, they are! which is very annoying!


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Well me is at work ( i know i know) the only weekend i vol to work sat and sun, the weather is lovely. So thinking what a normal sunday for me is ( yeah i would be in the pub) ( my downfall) i am having a beer free weekend, oh and i am on anti- biotics (sp),

So if i don;t get l loss this week- i will go and drown myself in a keg of the best John Smiths i can find...... :8855::8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:

Hubby is at home on strict instuctions on doing a SW bbq............(well i did prepare most of it this morning)

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