Anyone get pregnant on CD or any VLCD type diet? Help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Without The Pounds' started by Loser2B, 7 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Loser2B

    Loser2B New Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm on a VLCD diet and also trying to conceive. I will stop when I find out I'm pregnant, we've been trying for two months now and I started my diet a month ago. However, I have a question. "Usually" there is some weight gain when you go from VLCD to "normal" eating without refeeding/stabilizing. I was wondering if anyone got pregnant on a VLCD type diet and gained more than usual weight bcoz they started to eat normally without any time in between to stabilize? Did you gain like 10 lbs first week of normal eating or something like that? I hope you understand what I mean :( Thanks!
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  3. Loser2B

    Loser2B New Member

    No one? :(
  4. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    I fell pregnant with my daughter whilst on Cambridge. My appetite had calmed down a lot so I didn't gain straight away. Then I had all day nausea so took me a long time to gain!
  5. GagaOoLala

    GagaOoLala Full Member

    I think I found a thread a while ago on here with someone saying they were trying for years and then went on Cambridge and fell pregnant, I will try and have a look and see if I can find it.

    It would be nice if that was the case because at this time I would defently sacrifice food to get pregnant because thats how much I want it to happen.

  6. fatlassnomore

    fatlassnomore Full Member

    Hubster and I decided to do CD and ttc at the same time and we fell pregnant in 2 cycles. I felt quite content that we were both getting vits and mins and also weren't drinking at the time.
  7. starry*eyed<3

    starry*eyed<3 Full Member

    im about 10 weeks pregnant and I know I conceived while I was still on CD, I gained a little at the start, but have now lost it again due to morning sickness (lost about 10lbs)
    i think as soon as you come off any diet (but especially cd) you gain a little bit of weight, my advice is to try and not worry about it too much, try and eat healthy, lots of balanced meals and Im sure you will be fine xx
  8. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    I got pregnant unintentionally while on lipotrim. Obviously stopped it when I found out at 6 weeks. Had a lovely pregnancy no nausea nothing. Ate lots of ice cream. 4 years later I'm 10 stone heavier. I found I ate Luke a demon as my pregnancy went on ad it never stopped post birth either :S back on LT again now, 2 weeks done, 25 lbs down. I defo should have done refeeding before attacking every fridge in town! Lol. Good luck x
  9. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Like* a demon.... not a demon named Luke. Hahaha
  10. GagaOoLala

    GagaOoLala Full Member

    Lol I almost burst when I read that last comment.. a demon named luke! LOL!! :D

    Ahh thats cheered me up after a seriously crappy day :D XX
  11. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Hhaha!oh don't make me laugh my ribs hurt so bad! Lol. What do I be writing... useless with predictive texts. I ate Luke and it didn't stop after birth. Hahah. That's a good horror right there.
  12. GagaOoLala

    GagaOoLala Full Member

    HAAA! :D Ahh bless yah! brilliant x
  13. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Glad u got a laugh out of it! ;) call u when we are casting for it lol x
  14. GagaOoLala

    GagaOoLala Full Member

    Lol right now I feel like I would defo get the part in a horror movie.. i look terrible and feel crap.. I feel more like 74 nsted of 24. This losing weight/ttc/moving house/starting a 2nd job/ trying to keep everyone happy is really taking it out of me! x
  15. totes.lipo

    totes.lipo Shake that thing girl!

    Aw pet u have an awful lot on ur plate there. Moving house in itself is so draining. Ttc can be frustrating and disappointing too. U need to slow it down, for ur own health. Feeling so crap at 24 isn't the best. I should know I'm 28 going on 89! Had pneumonia and 2 cracked ribs from the ridiculous coughing. No Texas chainsaw needed here, I'm already in bits!!! But I've had to take a step back after really focus on getting healthy. We are way too young for this aren't we. Thats Luke now... need to get rid of him ;)
    Look after yourself first. U want to be ur best from when u do conceive x x x
    p.s I'd looooooove to be moving house, to one I owned!! Will it ever happen!!!
  16. LetMeFadeAway

    LetMeFadeAway Full Member

    I would not TTC on a VLCD. I got pregnant on Lipotrim years ago and miscarried at 12 weeks. My pharmist warned me not to get pregnant for 3 months afterwards.

    But anyway. I was on meal replacement last week and had lost 17lbs. Found out monday i'm pregnant so off it, will let you know Friday how much i put on this weel
  17. GagaOoLala

    GagaOoLala Full Member

    Yeah I do but never mind gotta keep going! Today I was moving house in the snow before going to work for my 10 hour shift! Found out yesterday we are all getting our hours cut dramatically. Bloody recession!

    It's good that you have decided to get healthy! I'm trying but I have thee most stupidest food issues.. i.e I can't stop stuffing my face!! lol.

    I've been feeling a bit run down lately so Im gonna do a preg test in a few days! praying it might be good news! x
  18. goose

    goose Silver Member

    hello all,

    I actually rang lipotrim about this. I was desparate to get to my goal weigt in December because I wanted to be a bit mor active trying for bubbas from january. Doing ovulation tests etc, I actually started lipotrim as I didnt want to be overweight and pregnant. Anyway I got to goal in December and than completley lost the plot and piled on 2 stone by starting and stopping lipotrin 4/5 times in the space of 6weeks. I had initialy only put on a few pounds, tried to get rid of it with lipotrim again, caved, then binged, put more on than I initally had, went back onto lipotrim t lose it again anfd you c guess the cycle continued! If I had just stuck to it for 2 weeks in January I would not be in this position!! boohoo.

    Anyway, I spoke to Lipotrim who said it was fine for me to carry on whilst trying for a baby, I actually got told that once I find out Im pregannt to stop TFR and it is safe to do my refeed even though pregant and than healthy eating.

    I feel so gulty but i hope Im not pregant before I reach my goal weight, boohoo, It sounds bad but I have been overweight most of my life, when I was ata trget I felt amazing and I want to enjoy my pregnancy, not constantly feel fat and horrible.

    I hve very very irregular periods though so that is also playing on the back of my mind, that it might make it difficult to fall pregant.

    weight issues!! so complex!
  19. Rachael78

    Rachael78 Full Member

    Hi, just come across this thread. I have been doing CWP since the end of March. I have lost 40lbs from then until now and have just found out I'm pregnant. A little shocked but happy. Scared now of falling in to old habits and gaining it all back. I did lighter life in 2009 and fell pregnant whilst on that to. Wowzer here I go again.

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