Anyone going to join me?


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Ive just noticed that minimins has a water challenge so im going to in corparate one into my life again as ive been pretty bad since leaving cambridge diet! I drink far too much tea!

Im going to aim for 4 pints day again and if i feel happy drinking more then ui will becuase i know that wil get rid of this weight ive put back on.

4 pints a day

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love it
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will join you but start next week if thats ok. Have cold & cough at mo and finding warm drinks better, but you're right i have found in the past it really does help


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Dont blame you! i admit im only on first pint - but if i were ill too id be on the hot ones too - but water will help flush the nasties away ;)


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i will join you, though can i go for just 2 pints? my bathroom is downstairs and its torture having a tiny bladder in the middle of the night :(