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Anyone got a 'Shaker'??

I had the same trouble!! Now I just use the shaker for cold stuff & blend the soups lol x
I normally put warm water in from the kettle not boiled straight from the kettle, I let it cool down first in the kettle abit for 10 minutes then shake it!! I don't think the mixers like really hot water! x


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I got one.. for me it doesn't work well AT ALL. My hands were blue after using it 2x LOL, the numbers were all over my hands. And I had washed it by hand everytime 'coz my CDC said it might not be so good to put it into the dishwasher..

Not really all that relevant... but mine doesn't shake anything well hehe.. Can't give you a lot of tips ... Sorry..

Good luck xx


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They shouldn't be used for hot drinks (or fizzy I believe....)

there is the danger that the lid comes off and scalding water.... I had a customer that did do that :eek: (she never does believe what I tell her hehe) She's okay now, but spends most of the time in class telling everyone else NOT to use hot water :rolleyes:

Please - cold drinks only :D
Ha ha!

Thanks guys - theres my answer!!

There was me thinking I no longer had to carry my whisk and jug with me to work every day!!

Thanks Debbiemac I will remember the hot thing!!;)


I bought it and don't like it tbh. I have all my shakes hot, and find it was a waste on money for me.

But admittedly this is because I like my stuff hot, I'm sure if I ever get to the cold stage it would be fine.
I have to say I don't like blended soup - it goes frothy and gives me wind - and much prefer a hand whisk - the balloon ones - I went back to work last week and took in a cheap pyrex bowl and a whisk (total of £1.50 for both) and now just take a pack everyday and leave the bowl there - could you do that?


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mine was hopeless the lid doesnt go on quite right so when i shake it it goes every where! i always use a blender with my shakes as need ot have ice in them