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Anyone got a wii??


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I have!! It was delivered last weekend!! :D I've wanted one since they came out, but finally bit the bullet and bought one. I haven't got the Wii fit yet (funds are a bit tight now this month) but I will get one in the future :)

I bought Just Dance for the Wii - it's hilarious!! Made me realise that I'm about as coordinated as a stampeding elephant! :D :8855: I love dancing though, so I'm hoping it will help me shift some weight!

Sian xxx


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I got the wii and wii fit board 4 weeks ago- and I can't keep off..... its soooo addictive -I have clocked up 21hrs on there in the last 11 days alone:D
Its the 1st time any form of exercise has appealed to me ;)
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yep i have a wii and wii fit, i try to get on it 2 or 3 times a week on "the biggest loser usa" i really want to get a dance game for it as this will be more fun then just exercise so i will have to look at the cost and see if my budget will cover it ... i spent £20 last week on new thomas take along trains for my daughter as a reward so this week should be my turn for a treat !! :)



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i have the wii and the balance board and wii fit and wii fit plus which i think are brilliant
tell you what isgood and will help with weight loss is the wii active
it does proper workouts and first time i did it i did it one easy and it nearly killed me lol
got it from argos have a look its WII ACTIVE


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I have the Wii, Wii Fit, Sports Resort (I really burn up the cals playing table tennis as I really do get into it lol) & my son has just bought me Greatest Loser. Wii Fit & Sports Resort are fun, although you do burn lots of cals, but Greatest Loser is more serious - you really do feel the burn!


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Am even more excited now! have ordered the wii fit plus, bit pricey but its on the Next directory so doesn't count ;)


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i have a wii fit i always do half an hour of 'free step' where you can do steps whilst watch neighbours and another half hour watching hollyoaks if im not too tired, i forgot about my biggest loser game i will have to give that a go!!! xx
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Yep, had one since they come out and love it. Try to get on it at least twice a week, for half hour. I tend to do the free step, as you can watch telly at the same time, but I did do 40 minates on Just Dance the other day, lordy, my arms were killing when I finished! Ha ha! All good fun, and anything that keeps you moving and exercising is good in my book!


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My son keeps asking for one and I told him we will wait until the price comes down a bit. Just wondering what is the difference between the Wii Fit vs Wii Fit Plus? Better games on the Wii Fit Plus?


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There are a few more games on the wii fit plus, i think its just the new version!

Is just dance something that can be done on the wii board?



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Ooooo I will keep my eye out! It occured to me that it would be pretty hard to dance properly on a wii board haha



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I love my wii. I've got the board and wii fit, but recently bought wii danc and I think that get's more of a sweat on then the wii fit.



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Well it came a few days ago and so far we are all really enjoying it - the balance games are hilarious. On the wii fit i have been doing the step plus activity. Does anyone know if the routine changes after a while? Only been on it about 4 or 5 times and it's a bit boring already! Also, can you lengthen the time? 5 minute routines aren't enough really and i'm very unfit! The instruction manual doesn't have any answers.


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I find wii fit a bit too easy although its fun!

Theres some good fitness games available though - I defo recommend EA active (£13.99 from amazon or play.com at the moment) and also my fitness coach get in shape (just £7.99 on amazon at the moment. Defo best to get online they seem to be pricey in the shops.


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