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Anyone got headahes?

Hiya its usually carb withdrawals,I get bad headaches on the first week my forst 2 days were awful felt sick headachey tired grumpy,if you ate alot of junk ie chocolate sweets cakes and some savory foods with carbs in you'll usually have bad withdrawals.
Always worth getting it checked out if its longer than a week thou,just go to bed earlier and drink to flush it all out,then you'll feel great :) xx


hoping for a good loss
hopefully it should pass in a few days hun. Keep the water content up and take painkillers for a few days and then see how you are. I had dreadful headaches when I started on CD (am now over on WW with you)

Hope you feel better soon
Irish eyes and Simon Cowell?

Aww thanks guys:553: and yes it does make me realise how strong my love affair with Mr Cadbury:17729: is as last night I dreamt That Simon Cowell had finished with his fiance to be with me and when I opened the box he was offering in bended knee it was a chocolate button ring!!!:argh: huh everyone else got diamonds but methinks there is a not so subtle message here?Must keep trying x:whacky068::whacky068::whacky068:


hoping for a good loss
rofl @ your dream - thats fantastic hahahahahaha


Grappling with life

I've had a rotten headache for the past 2 days, shaky, clammy, sicky feeling headaches. I have put it down to change in eating habits and stopping fizzy drinks. I have been drinking plenty of sugar free squash and this morning its not too bad despite having a broken nights sleep.

I am sure the headaches will pass.