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Anyone got some spare will power? LOL


Getting thinner everyday!
Is anyone feeling particularly strong today and could maybe send me some spare will power :D?

I'll repay it as soon as I'm back to full strength. ;)

I have an awful cough/cold and am stuck at home (snowbound). Temptations everywhere :eek:

But I'm not giving in as it's my weigh in either today if the snow eases or tomorrow.So I've made myself a strong, sweet cup of coffee and am hoping that will do the trick.

Anyone else weighing in today/tomorrow?

Alex :)
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John F

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Just a suggestion, but now would be a good time to try and get used to drinking tea/coffee without sweetners (or at least less sweetners).

I used to be someone who would have milk and 2 sugars in my tea. My mother drank tea with milk and no sugars, and occasionally if there was a mixup, I'd have a sup of hers and almost get sick. :) I didn't know how she could stomach it.

But what I found was that by getting rid of the sugar, and eventually the milk too, I came to appreciate the taste of tea for what it was. Now I couldn't stand tea with sugar or sweetners. It totally kills the taste of the actual tea! Same for the milk.

(I made the switch gradually over a week where I was very sick and all I could keep down was liquids.)


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks John. I didn't used to drink tea with sugar, hated it. Coffee I'd take 1 or none as long as there was milk in it. Black coffee I just can't manage without sweetener.

When I'm okay (willpower intakt :)) I usually add 1 canderal. Today though it was 2.

Maybe another day I'll cut the canderal out altogether but not today. :)

Alex :)


Getting thinner everyday!
I've just received it and feeling much better!!!!!! :D


Alex :)


Getting thinner everyday!
Thankyou. The coffee and the willpower did the trick.

Feeling much better and it's nearly lunchtime :)



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will power flying at you lol I get weighed today and Im not strugglin but have become obsessed with the thought of food and the smell of it


Getting thinner everyday!
will power flying at you lol I get weighed today and Im not strugglin but have become obsessed with the thought of food and the smell of it

Are you going to be able to get to your pharmacist today?

Here there is till 5 inches of snow and no gritting last night.

S: 15st8lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 44 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
my weigh inns 2morro n we dnt have any snow so ive no probs there x x oh n im also obsessin these past few days wi food, but gotta keep goin!! x x


Getting thinner everyday!
well I managed to get out of our village to the pharmacist this afternoon as the snow has started to thaw.

Lost three pounds :D which takes me to 15lbs since starting and have now a BMI under the obese category which is good.

Good luck to everyone else who is weighing in today & tomorrow.

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hiya feeling pretty good about myself considering i have been struggling for the last few weeks, I cant really explain what has changed whether its the fact that I have put on a couple of pounds and realised that this could so easily be the slippery slope and there is no way in hell i am put the 44lb back on the fatter me WILL NOT return.

I am sending strong vibes for you to be strong and certainly understand if you are struggling a bit this bloody weather doesnt help at all, have you got the time to have a lovely bath and pamper yourself, have an early night, vent your spleen on hear thats what were all here for

Keep strong

xx Sharron

rainbow brite

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Woweee! Well done for getting your BMI under 30 hun! That's awesome :) You can do this, hang in there :)


Getting thinner everyday!
Thanks folks. It only lasted a couple of hours. I was ravenous.

I'm back to normal now and my weigh in helped. It was just in time to spur me on for week 4 :)

Alex :)


I will be skinny again!!!
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Well done chick for not being obese anymore!!! whoop whoop!!!
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Well done on your WI hun, glad you are feeling better now.


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