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Anyone had a gain on SS?

Looks like i'll be having a gain at weigh-in tonight, despite boringly and predictably having been 100% on SS all week.:(

Just looking for people to share their own experiences, really. I know that I've been on medication this week, and at the very start of the week, my water was down from 3.5 to 2.25 litres... so i guess there are reasons.

I also know that weightloss isn't linear, and that it isn't fair, and that i might get a good drop next week or the week after...

but that doesn't make it any easier - especially when you hear of people picking and going off plan and having STS weeks, or even losses. I'd bloody kill for a STS this week. :(

anyway, cheer me up with your anecdotes and make me feel less like a freak.
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Angel in training
have you measured your self hunni? i sometimes find that my body needs a catch up and a level out before it goes again, and being on such a drastic diet, it sure does need a catch up! ... dont be down, look at how far you have come, i have seen your posts on here and now keep looking for them, your an inspriation! keep with it chicky xx
I measure every 4 weeks - next week will be measurements - so all i have to compare ite with is three weeks ago, and since I've lost over half a stone in that time , there will be losses anyway.

I did have a NSV (non scales victory) today. I bought a frock on ebay that was advertised as a 16-18 and i tried it on in the staff loos and it fits perfectly. Tbh, i think the seller was a bit deluded and it's just a regular 18, and it has a full skirt, so doesn't need to fit me below the waist... but still. It's been a bloody long time since I've worn an 18 without busting out at the seams!

I just can't get over the biological weirdness of eating less than 500cals a day and managing to gain weight.

still - at least i know i'd be alright in a famine... :D


Angel in training
well thats good, id love to get into the 18's - i seem to be losing weight but look and feel no different! but anyway...

maybe you could ask your cdc why this might happen? .. its not TOTM?
nope - i think it's because i had a (suspected) gallstones attack the weekend before last, and i''ve been in a bit of pain since, plus taking various medicines. the body will hang on to weight when you're sub-par.


Angel in training
then thats what you must hold on to... if you (think) know what it maybe then you need to hold on to that, then start again after weigh in... new week and all that! ... let us know how you do x
The meds maybe causing you to retain water maybe. Like pp said, your posts are inspirational to many of us. Take your NSV and be very proud. X

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Getting there slowly ...
Hi - I agree with RKM - I was going good guns last week 4lbs down between Sunday and Thursday - then got a bad cold and had to take cough medicine as I need to talk for my job. Result was that I didn't lose any more weight and in fact was still at the 4lbs until this morning - in spite of ssing all the way through. Not taking any medication now, so hopefully things will move.

I am also finding it really difficult drinking water this time round for some reason.

i know you mean well, but 4lbs in a week is absolutely brilliant - not much of a consolation! :D

I gained 1.5lbs. I can rationalise as much as i like, but fact remains that a STS would mean a week's setback... this is even worse. a week and a half longer on the diet, by average levels.

bit tearful.


this time - the last time
spangles said:
i know you mean well, but 4lbs in a week is absolutely brilliant - not much of a consolation! :D

I gained 1.5lbs. I can rationalise as much as i like, but fact remains that a STS would mean a week's setback... this is even worse. a week and a half longer on the diet, by average levels.

bit tearful.
Please don't be down.

Sorry - me again!

I honestly feel all your pain.

It's sh*t. It's frustrating. It's annoying and above all IT'S NOT FAIR!

Keep your goals in sight, and do everything you can to ignore the scales. I know its hard - really hard.

I cried and cried when this happened to me. But carry on - I promise it can only feel better from here on.
(as per my prior post I gained, and then loss my gain over two weeks whilst I was on my medicine. It was heartbreaking - particularly at my 2nd WI, as I thought it'd have sorted itself by then. I am now one week on, and seem to have had a strong loss this week (official WI tomorrow) )

Look after yourself.


Angel in training
{{{hugs}}} oh hunni, im so sorry you feel so down, wish i could come and give you a big squeeze... chin up, keep mailing and you'll soon be in a better place xx
Hugs, Spangles :hug99:

It truly sucks that you gained this week. But if you're still sore, then chances are your innards are still a bit inflamed from the (suspected) gallstone attack. And inflammation = water retention. 500ml of water (not a huge amount of water, easy to drink - right?) weighs a pound and a bit. So if you've got just a bit of water in those inflamed tissues, well, it'll show up on the scales.

The good news is, it's just water. So once everything's calmed down, that extra weight will just drop off again.

Not much comfort right now, I know, the idea that you've lost fat but gained water. But that's all that's happened.
thanks all. just goes to show, though... you can give all the advice in the book, but when it comes to the crunch - i still need the support of others.
I can only echo what everyone else has said you've been bloomin amazing so tomorrow is the start of a new week of you getting better, chin up girly that water will soon disappear xx
don't worry about your weight. we have ups and downs and STS on ss. sometimes it is just down to water retention. i find that any tablets i take and i mean any cause me to retain water until they are totally out of my system. anything that changes your body chemistry can potentially affect your water balance around the body.

brush it all off this week and focus on the long term goal of why you are doing this diet.

i had 2 weeks of STS once and moved up plans and lost 8lbs but i was exercising a lot.

try upping your water again today and for the rest of the week and get body brushing.

p.s i also think the flaming central heating affects my weight as when i get up in the morning my fingers are always like sausages.


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